Weakest Link- Kid's Edition

Anybody watching this? It’s about 1/3 of the way done but it is already worthy of comments.

These kids are brats but they are funny because they can get away from it thanks to their age and the fact that the hostess is supposed to be a bitch. They give it to her more than the adults do. One kid told her that she looked like she had a wig on.

It should also be noted that they actually have more money in the bank after two rounds than the adults (the normal ones, not the celebrities) do after five. Sad.

I watched this whole thing with an intense feeling of such wrongness…

Yes, they were brattish, but I still felt very bad for them. Ann’s demeanor tends to be mean-spirited and intimidating to adults. I wonder if the show’s paying the future therapy fees for these kids? :slight_smile:


Was that Asian girl 23 or something? Her speech patterns suggested she was far older than any of the others.

I think she was 13. She’s just a bright kid. Not all 13-year-olds sound like they just spent the last, like, year in the mall, ya know?

I really thought Ann would tone it down a little for the kids, but they gave back as good as they got. And, come to think of it, she does look like she’s wearing a wig. :smiley:

In the end, the girl you mentioned won enough money to pay for most of her college tuition if her parents put it in a trust for her. Good for her.

They tried the best they could to keep their eyes dry.

I watched this like 9 years later… I loved the part when Vanessa told Ann that the red hair was on her too. lol

Well, that Asian girl’s 23 now.