Weather in St-Louis

What is it like in the winter? Specifically, I want to know if it is very gray or is there sun if it is actually coldish? Is there a lot of snow, rain or what? Asking because I tend to be prone to seasonal depression disorder and I am looking at law schools where the weather is sunny if not hot and humid. thanks in advance.

A Mound City native can tell you better, but St. Louis does get cold winters with snow and all that stuff. It’s not like Chicago, but there is definitely a cold season. It will get a bit more sun than places like Chicago because it is further south.

Well, I can’t really help with the weather question, since I haven’t been through a winter here yet. That said, I am a 1L at Wash. U. You didn’t say if you’re looking there or at SLU (or both), but if you have any questions about wustl, I’d be happy to try to answer them.

I spent the first 18 years of my life there. The winters are long, and extreme. When I lived there, temperatures from ~Mid-September until ~Mid-May probably never got above 40 degrees or so, and could easily get below zero for several weeks at a time. Also mostly gray skies, plenty of snow, freezing rain, high wind, etc.

I’m guessing the OP means the St. Louis that can be found in the state of Missouri, while perhaps Dooku is referring to the St. Louis in Canada.

While it does get cold in St. Louis, MO, it’s hardly the September to May hell described above.

You can get the details here.

Oh, no, I’m talking about St. Louis, MO. I lived through the September-to-May hell personally. While there may have been nice days in that time period, they were few and far between. I don’t want to encourage anyone with seasonal depression disorder to think they can handle the Fall and Winter there - I moved away b/c of it.

Having lived in St Louis MO all but 4 of my 28 years, I can’t say that I ever - not once - remember the September-May hell as described above. In fact, it’s been so nice here these past couple weeks, I haven’t even had my heat or A/C on, and here it is almost November.

The worst of it is December-February, sometimes creeping in during November and March. It is quite common for temperatures to be above 40 or even 50 degrees through the months of November and March. And I can’t recall a single year when temperatures were below zero for weeks on end.

I also remember many sunny, but cold days, so it’s not as cloudy and constantly gray as Dooku would have one think.

We do get wind, and while snow is not an uncommon sight in wintertime, it’s not very commonly heavy school-closing snow.

From the link provided above the average temperature for a St Louis winter:
Sept High-79 Low-60
Oct High-68 Low-48
Nov High-54 Low-37
Dec High-41 Low-26
Jan High-37 Low-20
Feb High-42 Low-25
Mar High-54 Low-35
Apr High-66 Low-46
May High-76 Low-56

As you can see, average temperatures are above freezing for all months except for Dec-Feb. The average highs are all above freezing and the average lows are never below zero - hardly support for claiming “temperatures from ~Mid-September until ~Mid-May probably never got above 40 degrees or so, and could easily get below zero for several weeks at a time.” Dooku, could you explain how you can justify that statement in light of the average temperatures? If it’s so damn common, wouldn’t the averages be lower for those months?

As for snowfall, the average precipitation is lower in the three coldest months than any other time of the year. That’s plenty of snow?

I don’t know what part of the city you lived in Dooku, but the St. Louis, MO you described isn’t anything like the one I grew up and still live in.

Trust me, anu-la1979, as someone who grew up here and still lives here. St. Louis winters are nothing like Dooku described. Just look at those average temperatures again and how vastly they contradict the idea of September-May hells.

FifthYear: Excellent!! That is the law school that I’m applying to. Most…okay ALL of my schools are in the South but recently I remembered that when I lived in Indiana that the weather wasn’t all that great in November and I only lived about 5 hours away from St-Louis. This is pretty cool…man I never get over how many people from all over come to this board and the wealth of information you can get. Would you mind if I asked you somewhat irritating newbie-esque questions about law school from time to time? hey, here’s a question for you…do you have to be a citizen of the United States to practice the law?

CrunchyFrog: thank you for your help. When I was driving from Indiana to Oklahoma I passed through St-Louis in November and it was sort of weakly sunny although mild. I guess what I’m talking about is Montreal weather…that’s where I went to undergrad…where the semesters are called Fall and Winter but they’re just saying that because Winter and Winter would be too confusing. Sounds like the temperature is okay (i’m a canuck so the cold isn’t what gets me down) and the sunniness could be better but seems bearable. I’m just trying to avoid heavily overcast skies.

I’ll back up Crunchy on this, as a 15 yr STL resident (no longer there, but miss it). I can remember some bad snowfalls, but I think of the winters as rather mild. There can be some gray days, however.

You name it, we get it…

Today it was in the upper 70’s, followed by severe thunderstorms with hail… we’ll follow that up with lows in the mid 20’s by this weekend.

Sure, we have our gray days in the winter (who doesn’t?), but at least snowfall rarely comes in large batches. Over the winter months, most of the systems that carry enough moisture to produce much snowfall come in too warm and the result is cold rain most of the time. The Alberta Clippers that make it down have already lost most of their moisture before getting here and produce just a dusting.

TheFifthYear and ElCheapo - since you’re both here (and FifthYear doesn’t have a public email addy) there’s a DopeFest in planning in St. Louis this Friday, the 26th. Email me if you’re interested in details.

First of all, feel free to drop me a line any time with any questions you may have. I’m going to edit my profile right now so that my email is accessible. Not sure why it isn’t.

As for your question about citizenship, I’m not 100% sure, but there are a handful of students in my class who were born outside the U.S. I have no idea if they are U.S. citizens, though, nor do I know if they even plan to practice in the U.S. I would ask the admissions office at any school you are interested in. My experience was that most admissions people are pretty friendly and accessible. They’d be able to answer those types of questions with much more certainty than I can.

And Crunchy Frog, I appreciate the invite, but I can’t make it this weekend. Have fun.

I asked a whole bunch of admissions directors that didn’t have a clue as to what the answer to that would be at last week’s boston law school forum. however, they assured me that they would let me apply. guess they don’t turn down 55$ from anyone :slight_smile:

Another to back up ole Crunchy also.

I’ve lived out here since '85, Moving from So. CA, and find the weather out here pretty good. You do have your seasons, and the winters aren’t that bad. And it seems to me like the past five to six years have even been MORE mild than the ten years prior to that. Although now that I say that we’ll probably have another Winter of '83 that I always hear about this year. :smiley:

But Crunchy’s info is pretty well on the mark for averages.

And naturally, i’m going to be out of town during the darn dopefest. Blearg!

[old man voice]
Ah yes, the Winter of '83. 13 feet of snow that year, school closed for 2 months. The whole city was snowed in. We ate all the goldfish to stay alive and one of the parakeets. The dog would’ve been next if the thaw hadn’t a-finally come.
[/old man voice]

Actually, IIRC it was 3 feet of snow and school was out for about a week and a half, but it was right after the scheduled Winter Vacation, so it seemed like we were snowed out for much longer than we were.

Aaaaaaa the winter of '83. The floods of '73 and '93. DONT BE IN ST LOUIS IN '03!!! I grew up in the St. Louis area as well (alton il) and the winters are typical midwestern winters. Yes its grey alot. Not all the time. Yes it gets cold, sometimes VERY cold. But not all the time. I was 10 years old in '83 so I had a blast in the snow.

And BTW anu-la, aside from the occassional flooding and yearly tornados we’re also due for an earthquake around these parts.

From the linked site:

Here’s the fun bit though - if the fault decides to really go ape on us:

So the winters may not be too bad, but I thought you might want to know about the fault line if you didn’t already. We’re still waiting on that 6.0 that had a 50% chance of occurring by last year. :slight_smile:

Arizona State University has an excellent law school I’m told.

My brother, a transplant from L.A. to St. Louis, who is married to a law professor in St. Louis tells me that St. Loiusans don’t deal well with winter even though the winters are all pretty much the same.

The people who live there think “South”, not “North”. That’s why the Rams play in a dome.

OK, OK, after talking to my brothers that still live there, they back what Crunchy Frog and others said. I now see that I was remembering the weather worse than it actually was - I left in 1988, so I guess I was only remembering the bad weather.

Plus, now that I live in SF, I guess I reflect back on dealing with the winter there as some kind of nightmare.

I’ll eat crow on this one.

::much, slurp, smack, mmm…tastes like chicken…::