Weaving a Tangled Web

Lemme set this up: Kayla’s bestie here in SoCal is getting married next May, and Kayla is Maid of Honor (which presents challenges, what with her living in Brooklyn atm, but we’re all pretty confident that she’ll be able to meet them).

First tangle: Benny hasn’t officially proposed to Brianna yet. He plans to do so tomorrow evening (09-20-2020), on a rocky beach in Dana Point, as they’re taking a walk through this picturesque village. His master plan is for them to turn a corner, and have a gaggle of Brianna’s friends waiting on the beach. Brianna is supposed to run to them, at which point, they’ll tell her to to turn around. When she does, Benny will be down on one knee, presenting her with the engagement ring. Corny, sure, but a little more practical than Plan B, which was to have it thrown up on the Jumbotron at Dodger Stadium, while the Kiss-Cam zooms in on a cardboard cutout of Benny on one knee proposing to a cardboard cutout of Brianna.

Anyway, Benny wants Kayla and her buddy Diego to be part of the gaggle, so he flew them both out here to LA last night. This whole thing is supposed to be VERY hush-hush, so as to maximize the surprise for Brianna. Accordingly, Kayla has disabled the location feature on her phone, so Brianna can’t see that she’s not in NYC.

Next tangle: Brianna has (with Kayla’s assistance) picked out her wedding gown, and her mother has booked an initial fitting for this morning in North OC. Of course, Brianna (being a super-duper bestie) insists on sharing this special moment with Kayla on FaceTime. In fact, Kayla is in her bedroom as I type this, preparing for the call. But Brianna and Kayla have FaceTimed before! And her bedroom in Anaheim looks NOTHING like her bedroom in Brooklyn! What to do, what to do? Well, there’s always the POSSIBILITY that Brianna will be so preoccupied with the fitting that she won’t even notice the background to comment on it. But that’s kind of risky. So Kayla has closed the door to her room, and is situated herself so that her California furniture doesn’t appear in the background. If it comes up, she’s going to claim (truthfully) that the WiFi signal for the apartment is worse in her BR than anywhere else, so she’s commandeered one of the empty bedrooms in the apartment for this call.

There are a couple of other tangles that we can’t do anything about, such as that Anaheim doesn’t SOUND like Brooklyn, particularly. But, in order to make it NOT sound like Anaheim, I’ve stopped the pendulum on the cuckoo clock and removed the batteries powering the Westminster chime mantel clock on the piano. I also powered off the base unit on the cordless phone in her bedroom, in case someone calls the landline.

The fact that Brianna’s mother SCHEDULED a manicurist appointment and told her to clear her morning for it may arouse suspicion that something’s up for tomorrow, but nothing can be done about that except for maybe writing passive-aggressive comments that will show up on her FaceBook feed so at least we can make her feel bad.

(N.B. all names except for Kayla’s have been altered for privacy purposes.)

Tangling a webbed weave indeed. Sounds like it’s all (lightly stressful) fun though. Hope everything comes off as planned

So far, so good. Turned out Brianna tried on four dresses, the call lasted a couple of hours, AND Kayla’s high school friend Claire came to visit from Riverside for the day halfway through the call (I briefed her on the need to stay silent and unseen). Still, Kayla seems to have gotten away with it.