Web-Based Document Server

Is there such a thing as a web-based document server intended for a small business? We scan about 1000 pages a month using a high speed Fujitsu Scansnap and would love to be able to search/access the documents remotely from various platforms (i.e. from my iPhone, pcs and macs). The only solutions I have come across thus far are aimed at enterprise-level medium to large businesses and cost $10,000+ like Xerox Scan-Flow-Store

If there isn’t a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, how could I go about making an elegant web-based document management system myself? i.e. using a web server + various programs?

To rephrase, the functionality I’m looking for is: scanned ocr’d PDF files are indexed and stored online so that they can be searched & accessed from any computer (or wireless device like iPhone) on the net.


Have you considered a free portal system like Windows SharePoint Services? You don’t say if your servers are Windows-based (which they would have to be for this) but if they are, this is free and allows you to create an intranet or an extranet site which is web-based, stores metadata and allows searches of documents on any device.


Look at Plone or Zope or KnowledgeTree.

They all support PDF indexing and are free (and run on both Windows and Linux).


great info, thanks you two.

I’ve looked at all the options suggested and KnowledgeTree appears to be just perfect. They offer a reasonably priced hosted solution that should let me search and access all my docs from any computer/platform including my iphone.