Web cam question

My friend is looking to get a Creative Labs PD1130 WebCam NX Pro. She has Dell Intel Celeron Processor, and a 26k internet connection (dial up. ewwwww). Well that web cam work with her computer and internet connection? If not, can you recomend one that will?

Oh, here’s a link about the webcam, from amazon.

I don’t know about that particular cam, but a few of my friends have them and they are in areas where dialup is the only option. When we use netmeeting the picture is pretty clear but it’s choppy when it tries to stream. And if they connect at your speed that would be a blessing.

Is the intention to use the webcam for 2-way communication along with voice, or just snap some pix out the window?

For 2-way comm, that 26K connection is going to be a real bottleneck. Pictures will be jerky, blocky, small and will conflict with the sound. I don’t think you will like it.

For snapping pix out the window, no Internet connection is needed and it should work fine. I run one continuously during daylight hours as a background task on a 166Mhz CPU and it takes a pic every 10 minutes without interferring with multiple foreground tasks. No problem.