Web-design (HTML?) question

Hopefully, this is a pretty basic question.

I’m setting up a fairly bare-bones webpage: I’ve been travelling and my relatives are all yelling at me to send them pictures and stories and stuff, so rather than drowning everyone’s inbox, I’m just setting up a webpage. I’m using Bravenet hosting, because it’s free and lets me enter thing without needing to know the HTML, but gives me the option to tweak it.

I know that there’s a way to set up in-page links, where you click a link and it brings you to a certain point on the page (eg, at the top of my page about Dublin, I could have a list of links: “guinness brewery”, “phoenix park”, “national museum”, etc. My computer-illiterate relatives could click whatever link, and automatically be brought to the paragraph where I talk about the National Museum.)

Is this something I can do with basic html editing? If so, how?

Here’s a sort-of tutorial with an example. http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_link_locations

Here is a link with some information on using anchor tags to do this:


Excellent, that’s plenty well explained. Thanks! (and my crabby middle-aged, computer-phobic relations thank you as well!)