Web site problems

Is anybody else having problems connecting to a large number of web sites? Google doesn’t even respond for me but some other search engines do. The Straight Dope Message Board is great, but I get no response for many other sites. The sites that respond do it in a short time.

As usual, one very common explanation is malware. Many malware programs block access to sites that a person might use to find and download anti-malware software. (Or they redirect but the site redirected to is slow or dead.)

Run the usual stuff, Hijackthis, Malwarebytes, etc.

I’m just asking before I spend time fixing what isn’t broke. The easiest solution will be to throw in the backup OS drive from a week ago.

Could be that your internet service provider is having some kind of DNS issue.

Type into your browser’s address bar and see if that takes you to google - if it does, then it adds weight to the above hypothesis.

I had tried a different DNS, but that did no good.

The pages are all loading up again after 2 hours and no change on my part. Thanks for the number for Google, as I had considered that the next thing to try.

One of the chat sites I go on has this message:

Due to an outage on one of the major US internet communications carriers access to our site may be interupted or slow. The outage began around 1:45 PM EST.

I don’t know what it means but hmmmmm

Thanks, that’s what I suspected. This site had 3 places with 100% packet loss. One was in Wisconsin. Now I see another Wisconsin site is degrading.
Internet traffic Report

The image server for KOL has not responded for about 3 or 4 days. I’ve had to use a host file to bypass images to play the game. Now it’s back in full glory. Whatever the failure was it was building for a few days.