Webcam Question

Let’s say it’s a Friday night and I’m blasting music at my place, and my brother is blasting music at his. We are both playing our digital music systems thru our stereos. We then hook up via Skype on our webcams. We talk. Will I be able to hear him “over the music?” I.e., will the music and webcam sound go to the same speaker? Is there a way to route the music to the stereo speakers and have the webcam on the computer speakers? Basically, how do I do what I want to do?

Clarification: The fact that the music is loud and blasting is beside the point and not relevant. But if the music and our conversation comes through the same speakers, would that result in not being able to understand each other?

I am assuming you have a line out from the PC to a stereo, not a stand alone stereo that is playing music via fm or a cd/mp3 player.

You have two problems:

Noise from the mic. Skype and pretty much all VOIP protocols are not good with noise. They expect a human voice, not Mozart. A noise canceling microphone solves this or turning the music down or the mic sensitivity down so the music doesnt come in.

Mix from the speakers. This is pretty easy to solve. Turn down the music in the music application and turn up the voice in the voice application.

They will all go through the same speakers. Computers dont generally output multiple channels and the software that does this kind of thing is high end audio stuff not skype junk. PCs can only support one sound device at a time, so trying a usb sound card will not work.