Webcams and net radio

In another thread, I asked for information on what it would take to become competent on the guitar. The other option I have for blowing this cash (besides the responsible “paying my bills”) is to get a new computer, which I would like to start a web radio station with. I’m also considering installing a webcam. My questions are:

1)What software would you recommend for either application (cam and radio)?

2)Costs of these platforms, as well as the hardware.

3)Ease of use. I’m by no means illiterate, but I’m not Crash Override, either.

4)Eventually, suggestions for eclectic/semi-popular discs. I’ve got a modest collection right now, but a goodly portion of this cash will go toward purchasing scads of discs.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Those cheapo web cameras, $50-$100 are very grainy. Better to get a real video camera & a tv card. has get webcam software, its free, 5 frames per second or more…I use it sometimes.

The radio station will probably cost you bucks… bandwidth is not cheap. I looked into having someone host an internet show and couldn’t find anyone that would do it on the small scale I’d be working at. I’d be interested if someone knows of a good place to host such things.

As for the webcam software, the inexpensive cameras can be okay, but they suck in low light. Make sure your area is well lit from BEHIND the camera to get a good picture and cut down glare. Webcam2 seems to be fairly popular software, but I just use the software that came with my cam. Make sure it doesn’t require you to host on their servers, I’ve seen a few that do.

Oh, and be ready for total strangers to ask you to get naked. People don’t seem to grasp that not everyone with a cam wants to share their booty to the world. Personally I don’t mind showing off, but christ, after the 5th request to toss off for the camera in a day, I’m getting pretty chafed!
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Probably the industry standard of webcam software is Webcam32. It offers a lot of customizability, you can upload at any interval (5 seconds, 60 seconds, 6 hours, whatever) or do streaming video in two different formats. You can also use overlays and captions and control a lot of the video settings.


Net radio might be harder. You can broadcast pre-recorded stuff in MP3 format for free at though.

Webcam hardware: gotta say go with the ViCam ( ). AKA 3COM Home Connect cam ( ). It’s $150 and sees in the dark better than I can. Literally. I can turn it on with the lights off and see around myself in the screen better than in the room. It also has an optional lens pack ( ) with 3 lenses.

Here is a great source of information on cameras:

general info on setting up a webcam:

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Dur. Webcam32 ---->

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I would use shoutcast for radio…

fwiw, broadcasts (or can broadcast) via

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