website font weirdness

I was fiddling around on my boyfriend’s computer, changing the desktop background ('cause I had screwed it up, but I fixed it…), and after I fixed the desktop I went to websites and the letters are huge! I have no clue what I did to mess it up. It’s really annoying. Does anyone have a guess and/or solution as to what I can do to reverse this and get the fonts back to normal??

Thanks in advance,

Could be a couple things…

Some of the desktop colour schemes are designed for the visually impaired and have larger fonts. If you are using Windows XP, go to Control Panel, Display, Appearance, then make sure the font size is what you want.

Or the problem could be in Internet Explorer. Look at “Text Size” under the “View” menu and make sure it is not set to “Larger” or “Largest”.

I use AOL. Is it something I could’ve done while online?