Website for map outlines

I’m interested in a website kind of like google maps, but which lets me get maps just as outlines, with no other detail. So if I wanted to get just the outline of Japan, I’d just scroll around the world to Japan, and end up with precisely an outline of the shape of Japan, with no labels or anything.
Anyone know of such a website? Thanks!

Wikimedia commons often has blank maps in various formats.

There are lots of sites that offer them in PDF and other formats, especially for educators. Just Google outline maps. If you want, you can add the restriction


to your Google search.

Here’s a list of such sites.

They’re also a staple of clip-art collections, so you may already have some that came with Microsoft Office, or be able to find them at one of the free clip-art sites.

And if you want something really exotic, like a full page of Sumatra or something, just ask. Such things are pretty easy to generate (at least up to 1:10,000,000) these days.