Official Maps of the World

I was wondering, is there any way that I can get official maps of countries for free? Can I like contact tourist bureaus of countries, or am I just asking way too much?

Im sure you could, like, contact them, but like i’m really not too sure if they’d, like, send you anything.

I’m sure tourist bureaux would send you a packet of information. You might also try a nearby embassy or consulate. Also government websites… what country/ies are you interested in?

Well I am making this little book for my boyfriends birthday. It will include a lot of things he likes and whatnot, it is like an inspiration book for his music. ANYWAY, he loves to travel, one thing he wants to do is travel to every country before he dies. So I was going to include random snippits of maps in the book… what I really want them to be official and beautiful (b.c official maps of foreign countries are amazing.)

Maps are great, aren’t they? As I say, consulates and whatnot usually have a little standard information kit they send out to all askers. I don’t know when you want this thing done by, but you might want to get on the horn to some consulates and embassies and ask them what they have. And that sounds like a really sweet thing to do :slight_smile:

buy an Atlas and cut it up

hey thanks for all the help! okay one last question…
do you think i would just google “said country” consulate??? is there an official name or anything?

(and about the atlas, the paper is thicker, the colors are different you know, just not “official” enough… im picky.)

Well, you can probably get some cool stuff from official outlets, but you can’t afford to be picky if you want it for free. Printing is not cheap; expect photocopies.

go to www.mapquest maps of evrything and it’s free…

sorry I didn’t give the full URL…
and it’s free

You could try Directory & Search Engine Of The World’s Embassies & Consulates.

I don’t know how thororughly they stay up to date, but the couple times I’ve used it the site has been accurate.

Here is their page limited to Embassies in Washington, D.C..

Ooops. The second site is not related to the first.