Website help please. Banners?

Ok I am finally going to design a website for my design practice. I have a couple questions:

What are Banners and how do they work?
How do I get Banners?
How do they help a site out? (monetarily?)

I have several companies I work with routinly when I take a job…do these count? Do I just approach them and ask for a banner?

I’m slightly website-mentally- delayed…so any help would be appreciated. I’m having the site actually put together by a pro, but I want to have all the Q’s he’s going to have answered before I go to him.

A banner is often defined as the advertising banner across the top of a web page. You can also find them at the bottom of a web page, and in truly crappy sites, practically anywhere else.

A banner may also be the masthead for a web page that offers basic identifying information about the site, possibly including major site links (Home | Help | Contact Us).

I do not use advertising banners so I cannot comment on their effectiveness in supporting a site. I have friend who swaer by them as well as swear at them. YMMV.

>>How to get banners?
What do you mean? Do you mean where to get sponsorship or where to get designs? Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

>>How do they help a site out? (monetarily?)
It depends. In my site sponsors pay a monthly fee.

Some other sites charge on a per/view (impression) basis. Other sites charge on a per/click basis. Others are subscribed to an “affiliate program” that rewards them for every sales that come from their site. There are other schemes I don’t know of I suppose.