Website provides pictures of young girls for pedophiles

That’s the guy. He’s DONE.

It wasn’t that did all that. It was trolls from another board.

I’ve been checking into these guys, and some of these ‘busts’ are pretty ridiculous. If you have the time, check this one out.

I could go over the problems with this one, but they are pretty obvious. I would like to point people towards the bottom section, after the baiter has revealed that he is not a 14 year old boy (which ClassRide apparently already figured out). Lots of nice hate speech, this one is more of an online gay-bashing than a true ped baiting.

Hah, I’m on ban warning for this post…they claim the guy who did the ‘bust’ is gay, so that makes it alright.

Just wanted to make a clarification - I am being threatened with banning on the Perverted Justice board, not this one.

Heh, and by ‘This Post’ I meant one I made on their boards about the bust. They don’t take to criticism or the suggestion that their methods and motives are improper very well.

Wow, Batz, I didn’t notice that one.

I would agree to their aims if they:

A: Stick to non-sex related chat rooms. You are less likely to find fantasy situations and the like in a chat room where children are realistically going to be. They do this.
B. Post only people who take realistic measures to engage in a real-life meeting. Talking dirty is one thing, making arrangments to meet an eleven year old at a gas station bathroom in twenty minutes is another. They apparently don’t do this.
C. Never make the first messege, and never be the first and/or most enthusiastic person to talk about sex. We’re looking for child molesters here, not people who get caught up in someone that is begging them to talk dirty. They don’t always stick to this.
D. Allow replies, and consider removing people from the site when it’s called for. They do this for the most part, although it seems to take an act of God to be removed.
E. Lay off the baiting of 20 year old with 15 year olds. Sure, thats a little creepy and likely a bad scene, but it’s not the sort of thing that you deserve to have your life ruined over. It’s really not even in the same catagory as 11 and 13 year olds who a 20 year old would never realisitically date.

It took a lot of thought to come to these conclusions. Vigilantism is bad, but sometimes it is the only option for sex crimes where the victims never get a chance and the court system can likely never convict. Nobody would complain if these were real little kids posting about the jerks that harrass them and threaten their safety. But kids are really unlikely to do that for a variety of reasons, and this seems like it oculd be the next best thing. It’s too bad they let a “thought crime” perspective and hysteria ruin it.

Having gone and read some of the stuff at Perverted Justice - and it is sickening and shocking material - something just does not ring true about the transcripts. I’m not denying they happened, but I am not certain that the paedophile really believes in every case they are talking to a child. Some of the things the “children” say are just unbelievable. Which makes me wonder if the paedos really imagine another paedo, for example, is roleplaying as a child.

Also - it’s clear the paedos are actually getting off on the conversations alone. Doubtless more so when they have these pics. So it’s not just entrapping them, it’s encouraging the behaviour in the first place.

Yeah, 2 out of 5 ain’t good.

I admit they do get a lot of very guilty guys…maybe even most of them. I read one where the guy brought the supposed 14 year old McDonalds, Kahlua, and condoms…the baiter answered the door with a baseball bat and took the food and booze. It was funny, maybe more so because it was obvious in this case the guy was actually going to go through with it, but it’s obvious with most of them that the main reason they are doing it is the thrill of being cruel to someone…really, that was my primary motivation when I did it. I had a lot of anger and frustration in my life, and here’s all these guys just beggin to get pranked, and most people would applaud you for ruining their lives. Because of this motivation, I think a lot of them get carried away.

A while back, I went and registered, and visited frequently until there was a “bust” going on. I got myself invited to the conference. There were about 15 members berating this guy for over an hour for trying to get a supposed 14-year-old to telephone him. He’d indicated in the “conference” that his plan was to visit her city and take her to a hotel. In the initial “chat”, he initiated sexual conversation, initiated the prospect of her calling him.

I’d say that there was some reasonably good indications that he had some ulterior motives, beyond simply role-playing. Does he deserve to have his life destroyed because of it? I’m torn. I certainly don’t feel bad for him. He didn’t get “set up”. He set himself up.

The dubious use of photographs aside, I’m not sure that the people are doing any harm, per se. Sure, they’re probably getting their jollies by being in a profound power position. These people have this man’s life in their hands. However, are their transgressions greater or lesser than that of the man being berated? I’d suggest lesser; much lesser.

A gentle suggestion: Let’s be real careful not to start a board war with these guys. Those things are never fun.

I really like even sven’s five point plan. That is a sensible way to do things but it really does seem like some over there go too far. Grown adults who troll for children are dispicable but entrapment is not the way to go.

The potential for abuse is frightening. Someone with a vendetta could very easily concoct a fake set of dialogues and falsely accuse another. Imagine a disguntled co-worker posting your personal information on there. How could you ever live that down?


That thought occurred to me too. Although I understand what these folks are up to, busting these folks is probably best left to the authorities.

Wow. I have no sympathy for these sickos. I read through a few of them and they seem to be well-deserved baitings. The only issue I see is that they’re not nearly publicized well enough. If pedophiles see that it’s quite easy to be caught and ruined, they may think twice about arranging illegal rondevous in the future.

I do hope that the pictures they use are consenting adults donating photos of themselves when they were younger though.

For those “busts” that I’ve looked at, few could be considered as “entrapment” or “baiting”. Certainly some of the “victims” are perhaps a little eager to have sexual discussions, but they never seem to be the initiators of the conversation, the initiators of the sexual talk, nor the initiators of voice or other contact.

However, given how quickly they post personal information about the “perp”, there is certainly opportunity for someone to be maliciously framed by someone with a vendetta to satisfy. That said, near as I can tell, they always get a phone number for the accused and have a member “confirm” that number by engaging in some manner of conversation that confirms that the person chatting online can be reached at that phone number before considering it a “bust”.

I saw one where the guy wouldn’t give out his phone number but did give out a picture. They considered this to be a “bust” even without any other information. They went ahead and posted the dialogue and the picture. I sure hope they posted the picture of the correct guy. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that the guy sent out a picture of a better looking guy than himself to get the attention of the “girl.”


Am I the only person who wonders about the mental status of people who voluntarily spend a very large amount of time pretending to be horny 13 year old children?

No. My main concern about this site is the possibility that the “baiters” are enjoying too much pretending to be sexually active children. Even if they do not “enjoy” it at first, this is just the sort of thing that can effect you in the long run.

Practicing to think like a 12 year old looking for sex has to affect the way you think.

Isn’t that what I just asked about?

What’s going on in the minds of the people who spend their days and nights pretending to be middle schoolers looking for sex?

Of course molesting little kids is bad, but this site seems like it’d attract people as ‘baiters’ who already have a screw loose and then just remove it completely.

Yea. That’s what I meant. I guess I answered a rhetorical question.:smack:

I think the big problem for me with using the pictures is the thought that they’re using these kids as bait, and very possibly endangering them in the gleeful pursuit of their quarry. That positively disgusts me.

Of course, preying on people because of their sexual preference doesn’t sit well with me, either, regardless of what it is.

I did, however, get a slight chuckle from seeing a poster named pervert in this thread.