Website that allows you to pick a music playlist

I like sites like pandora that throw new songs and artists at me, but if I want to create a playlist on a free website, where can I do it?

Youtube lets me do it, but I don’t really want to use youtube in some situations. Are there websites that just have the audio but no video?

If I want to listen to the tracks of the new offspring album as an example, what website would allow me to organize them into the album and listen to them front to back (aside from youtube)?

Spotify. But it isn’t a website, it’s a program or app. It is great.

I concur.

they just expanded and there are a lot of glitches right now but i think that’s what you want.

There’s also and They do the same thing as spotify.

I prefer Spotify to Grooveshark. I like it enough that I pay for it in order to get near-cd quality streams to my home stereo system and have it on my mobile. It’s free to use on your stand alone computer.