Website that sells discontinued cereals, candies, etc from the 50's, 60's, 70's, etc?

I recall someone posting a link to a site that sold old food, cereals, candies, and such. I searched the archives but don’t seem to be able to find it. Can anyone help me out here? I think they only sell candy, but its the only site I can think of.

I dunno, but I think a box of “Quisp” or “Quake” from the 1960’s probably is not going to be real tasty anymore.


It could have been me. I’ve linked to a place that offers hard to find candy, cereal, pop, etc.

The website is Hometown Favorites.

I’ve never ordered anything from these guys myself, but others that I know have and were completely satisfied with the experience.

Thanks guys. The hometownfavorites one is what I was exactly looking for.

They will send them to you, no they aren’t from the 60’s

If you check the Where am I? link, there’s a list of what areas of the country currently have Quisp available.

There are a few sites that carry fondly remembered food, candy and soda. They’re not selling old products, they’re just not widely available any more (i.e. only sold in small areas of the country).


Anyone remember Quisp’s archrival QUAKE?

Now if they sold that.

$5 for a box of Boo Berry???

Incidentally, Quaker Oats sells a cereal called “Sweet Crunch” which tastes a lot like Quisp. It’s in those industrial sized bags to save money. The cereal itself is bowl shaped, and very tasty.

And no, I don’t work for QO.

God…and I thought computer geeks had bad diets you telescope boys are giving 'em the junk food smackdown!

That’s just how I start my day. I have other even worse things to keep me going for the long time between my lunch of PBJ and my dinner of burgers, steaks, fries and velveeta.