Websites with live coverage of the war.

Can anyone suggest a website offering live coverage of the war? I heard on the radio that some Iraqi people have camera’s set up around their homes.

I don’t know about websites, but CNN’s Nic Robertson is in Baghdad at this very moment. I was just watching CNN on TV, and Connie Chung was interviewing him live. It was an audio interview, with just a photo of Nic Robertson on the TV. A few minutes later, though, they showed what they said was a live video shot of Baghdad. (It was a building, lit up against the night sky.) They also had a video of a reporter (forget his name) somewhere in Northern Iraq. A bit later, one of the anchors commented that they’ll know when the war starts because they’ll see the bombs falling! I had to turn it off – it makes me so nervous watching (or listening) to someone who is right in the middle of what is very soon to be a war zone!

I just found an article about CNN in Baghdad.

This article, I just came across seems to suggest that there aren’t any webcams in Baghdad. Don’t have access to a TV at the moment.

MSNBC’s website on the war is pretty good.


BBC has an hour-by-hour (more frequent really) account of what’s going on. No pics, just updates. has an ongoing radio broadcast.

BBC Radio Five Live has a live streaming broadcast (news, talk, sport). Unfortunately it requires bloody RealPlayer.

There is a blog maintained by an Iraqi in Baghdad: .