Websites you don't think will make it

Some really surprised people (Who thought Yahoo or Google were desirable names when they first heard them?)

But some are really hard to ever imagine as winners.

So, What are some bad names?
(Hint: don’t bother to check if they already exist, we don’t really care.
I checked a couple of these out and got those generic link pages put out by speculators hoping someone will eventually want to bid on it. But they are still funny to contemplate. ) - very specialized photo share site - the even more specialized version - cool name, but most people would end up at competing sites - swap recipes how to “freshen up” last week’s meatloaf with a sprig of parsley - actually updated a day late to avoid wire service fees

I’m forever reminded of a magazine ad i saw about ten years ago. It was for a small company that hosted on NT servers. They really wanted to note the fact that they were specialists, and that they handled nothing but NT hosting. So what URL did they choose? :rolleyes:

Even if they somehow managed to survive that, it’d be rendered moot by Win2k’s introduction a year or two later.

More recently, i saw an article about unfortunate URL choices. One was for a site dedicated to selling quality pens… called Pen Island.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about just doesn’t sit right with me.

Is it for young transgendered people? Or if is it a place to trade in your kid for a better one?

If you look at that site closely, it’s an obvious hoax.

There’s also no valid contact information, ordering form, etc. OK, a couple of e-mail addresses, but no mention of location, shipping policies, etc. Fake fake fake. (But funny in a quite understated way.)

Web 2.0 seems to have made obsolete the need for snappy, relevant domain names - you just pick some juvenile-sounding mishmash of syllables like froobly or blokxer (no idea if those are real) and off you go.

I do remember seeing a bunch of domain names back in the day along the lines of - looking like they were either a poor second choice, or the result of some sort of administrative cockup or misunderstanding when the order was placed.

"The latest baby-babble name is Fox’s "A coalition of Hollywood studios hoping to create a challenger to YouTube has taken a step forward by christening the online video service they are developing ‘Hulu’. "

I nominate my own website, since there’s nothing to do on it but read: was taken?

There’s an African American women’s book club called Go On, Girl! Their website is . I almost asked the woman from there who dropped an order off to us, if they ever refer to themselves as goon girls…ya know, just in fun and all.