Wedding, big whoop, in trouble we roll deep

Not mundane or pointless to me, but doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

So I learned something, or rather had a misconception somewhat wrecked yesterday.
Guestling the Eldest, (but not the brightest) got himself arrested a couple of weeks ago on felony charges. Bail set at $2500, we were advised and so advised him, to stay there and wait for the first hearing, things may change. Yesterday morning he went to the hearing, proceeding happen. The Judge is all ready to reduce bail to $1000 and asks if there is any compelling reason to allow a Release on Recognizance. The Public Defender says, “He has all of his family living in the area, some of them are here today.” Judge asks for a show of hands for the people there for Guestling the Elder. The entire one side of the courtroom raised their hands. Judge leaned back in his chair with a surprised look, asked the prosecutor specifically if she could give a compelling reason for requiring bail. Guestling was released on recognizance.

This from a family that maybe 6 to 10 will show up for a wedding or other joyous occasion out of 50 that get invited.

The misconception, that family attending a court hearing were merely spectators and had no real impact on proceedings or outcomes.

Well, weddings, everybody has seen one before… nowhere near as interesting as seeing Cousin Guestling in cuffs.

I hope he gets smarter, or at least, learns to use better whatever smarts he has. My cousin did :slight_smile:

talked to him last night on the phone ( boss couldn’t give me the time off to go to his hearing) and there was a marked difference in his attitude, approach to life’s problems etc. at least for now.

I agree there is some degree of spectator sporting for some of the family there. We do have a branch of the family tree that is full of jays and squirrels, but, there were 40 people there for him. Even though some were there for gossip, and a few were actually just his friends and not family, that still seems like a lot to me. And the Judge and Prosecutor as well it would seem.

I got a little misty, there. Good on your family, guestchaz.

Well, most of them were there waiting for their own hearings to start…

That was really good on your family gustchaz. I always feel sorry for those whose family isn’t or can’t be there when it really matters.