Wedding blooper (fake?)

Saw this one headlined on Yahoo videos
Bad best man
Was pretty funny but as always it felt somewhat setup.
Seemed to be a strategic place for the bride and pastor to be standing. Would you really have a tiny platform above a swimming pool?
His fall looked fairly real but kind of set up that he would take a header directly at the bride.
Any comments/speculation from the peanut gallery?

Fake. He barely touched her dress, so she and the minister both leaped into the pool? I don’t buy it.

I watched that yesterday and am nearly certain that it’s fake.

I figured it out; that video is located in their “Spoofs & Parodies” playlist, which includes a video about two prospective Eagle Scouts explain how they are preventing breast cancer by helping women examine their breasts.

They’re all fake.

It looked fake to me too.
If it is real, they were pretty stupid to be standing right there. Why not stand at the front of that platform, for instance? They were an inch away from the back.

It also seemed like a weird way for the preacher to ask for the rings…at an odd moment in the ceremony.

Besides, who wears a black jacket and tan pants to their wedding? No self-respecting bride would allow that.

Have you seen what some people do for their weddings? Some bride somewhere would think that’s perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though there was a real ad by a breast cancer charity in Canada along those lines a number of years ago.

You see this fifteen-year-old boy in a tacky basement making a pitch, as lounge music plays: “Want to examine your breasts, but you’re not sure of the right technique? My name is Cam, and I’ll examine your breasts for you, absolutely free.” Cut to his dorky friends grinning and waving. “Our team of volunteers is standing by. We’re highly trained and highly motivated. Put your breasts in our hands.”

The tagline was: They’re your breasts. You examine them.