Twerking Fail Video Was A Fake!

Story here:

My wife and I saw the Big Reveal last night on Jimmy Kimmel, and since I think this is one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of twerking, I felt I just HAD to share!

Obvious fake was obvious but I never would have thought it was Kimmel.

It was faked, that doesn’t mean anyone was fooled.
What were we fooled about? Was it funny? Yes. It was funny.

It’s a mini-movie. That’s all.

(I did think the fire was suspicious) But it’s not like I didn’t vaccinate my kids and they got the measles and died.

I thought the video took the women being set on fire too casually. But the fire looked too real for a couple of amateurs to have faked it. It didn’t occur to me that it might be a professionally made video with a real SFX crew.

That’s what people get for using the word “Twerking” Back in my day we just sang about shakin’ yer bootie.

I think EVERYONE was fooled into thinking that this was a real (not staged) video of an actual person making a twerking vid for her boyfriend, and accidentally setting herself on fire.

I know that many Dopers are not on Facebook, but this YouTube video spread like wildfire through FB and other social media. It was even shown on some local news broadcasts and talkshows. We’re talking over 9 million YouTube hits.

Now that it’s been revealed that it was staged and Masterminded by Jimmy Kimmel, some people are claiming, “Well, I for one, was not fooled. I knew it was fake all along.”

Even after the Big Reveal, some clueless people were still posting on Jimmy Kimmel’s FB page how stupid they thought the “girl” in the video was, and how we shouldn’t pay any attention to her (while missing the fact that on Jimmy Kimmel’s FB page the “girl” was actually a stunt woman working for Jimmy Kimmel).

To which I call BS! :smiley:

I knew it was staged and was surprised to find out it was Kimmel since it wasn’t very entertaining.

Believe what you want.

Everyone? Really? Sorry that’s just not true. Maybe I’m just overly cynical. But it comes in handy. When I saw it I immediately knew it was fake. It looked like any number of other bullshit “mommy/daddy walks in on daughter” clips that have been posted over the years. The accidental walk in looked fake. The fact that someone posted it was suspicious. Where the clip cut was suspicious. The flames looked too perfect. I never thought it was anything but fake. Sorry if you got fooled.

There are a couple of details that people have glommed on, but all in all, it looks and feels like any number of submissions to AFV. I don’t fault people for buying into what Kimmel was trying to sell and I don’t think anyone should feel bad for thinking it was real.

What annoys me is Kimmel’s self-righteous attitude about the media showing the video. I dunno about the rest of you, but if I want to know what’s going on in Syria, I check CNN or Anderson Cooper’s twitter or something. I certainly don’t tune into Kathie Lee and Hoda’s drunken antics.

So very easy to claim you thought it was fake all along, after it was revealed to be a fake.

As for me, I never saw until I read this thread. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock, in a cave on Mars, with my fingers in my ears.

But, I’m going to join in. Oh, yeah, I totally knew it was fake. You betcha.

Anyway, clearly, a large majority of media outlets and people who watch them and post on Facebook and other interweb outlets were fooled.

Not me, though.

OK, not everyone. :rolleyes: I’m sure the majority of Dopers knew instantly that it was staged.

Please enlighten me on a few things, though. How did the accidental walk in look fake? What would a “real” accidental walk in look like?

Wouldn’t it have been believable that the subject of the video edited the clip to end just after the fire and screaming started, thus cutting out the part where she or the accidental walk in shut off the camera?

The flames looked too perfect? How? What would natural flames from yoga pants ignited by candles look like?

I’m not sorry I was fooled. I thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious video when I thought it was authentic. I also enjoyed the experience of learning that it had been staged, and I had completely fallen for it like millions of other people (except you and others here). :wink:

I thought it was real. I didn’t think much about it. Maybe I would have been more suspicious if I had, but I doubt it. I was entertained, so I don’t mind that it was fake.

Next you’ll be telling me this is staged as well…

The walk in looked fake because it looked like dozens of other “accidental” walk in (usually naughty) videos that have been posted on the Internet.

No it made no sense that the camera cut out before the end.

It was a neat photogenic fire. Looked too professional. Too big too perfect. And she just happened to bring it back into frame.

Has nothing to do with the Dope. A friend showed me the video on his phone. He thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw. I immediately thought it was fake but gave him a polite chuckle. I guess somehow you think that’s being smug or something. Sorry about that.

Good to know that Jimmy’s face is just as punchable as ever.

When I saw it at first, I had mild suspicions it was staged, but nothing really stood out to me, so I took it for what it was. I just thought it was pretty funny. The reveal on Kimmel was even better.

“It COULD have happened, so it MUST have happened…”

I dunno how I missed this vid. I’m on Facebook, I read the Buzzfeed. Heck, even here we’ve got 2 or 3 dudes who do nothing but paste links from “trending” sites all the time.

I probably would have thought it to be real. Wouldn’t have put that much effort into thinking about whether it was or wasn’t.

I think that it was staged - and got 6mm hits and tons of mentions on the news - is hilarious!

The next person who mentions twerking is going to get slapped!

Sorry, just can’t help it. I’m a cynic. If it’s any consolation I think that the majority of AFV clips are staged too.

I’m not one of those people who feel the urge to scream FAKE! every time I think something isn’t real.

It was real, it was staged. A big difference.

How her pants caught fire was a good indication that it was ‘staged’. Too large an area for candles to light and too even of a burn. A professionally controlled special effect.
No I didn’t scream it form the heavens before hand. So I’m just a fucking liar.