Is This Video Real (High Firefighter)

This has been making the rounds on Facebook. I call fake - why would a news affiliate broadcast someone who is obviously high?

Here’s a hint: It says “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the lower right hand corner.

Isn’t that Kevin James in the firefighter outfit?

It says “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the corner, because Kimmel showed that clip on his show. Hereis a clip that where Kimmel introduces the video.

Seems real enough to me.

No, I believe that’s “Cousin Sal” (Sal Iacomo).

It’s a fake. That’s not a San Diego fire helmet.

And Jimmy Kimmel really was f*cking Ben Affleck, right? :dubious:

Heh, no. But it’s often enough that the late night shows will show a clip from local news that is stupid or funny in some way. One of Leno’s main things is showing stupid news headlines. The Soup often shows horribly ridiculous clips from the local LA news. The mere fact that something is on a late night show doesn’t mean that what they are saying is false (and it doesn’t mean it’s true either obviously). I couldn’t find a longer clip from the Kimmel show, but I figured after the news clip he would make some joke about it, like how much the firefighter enjoyed work that day.

Also, if it was an actor, I would have figured it would be more over the top than that, and he would start saying something about how hungry he is for Cheetos or something. I haven’t ever watched Kimmel so maybe he’s different, but it seems like a lot of the jokes on any late night on the networks go over the top to make sure that every single person watching got it.

So overall, it did seem plausible enough to me that it was real. Now that Nametag has responded and said that it looks like Sal Iaconoand that the fire helmet is wrong, I’ll take his word on it and say I guess it is actually fake.

It’s pretty clear that they took some real footage about a fire at a pot-growing operation, where some firefighters had to be treated for smoke inhalation, then added the stinger with the “high firefighter” using their own actor. C’mon: if you’re being treated for smoke inhalation, you’ve inhaled a hell of a lot more smoke than you do when smoking marijuana casually. Plus, it’s a burning house. The smoke isn’t just weed, it’s wood, and electrical wiring, and insulation, and everything else that makes up a house. Too say nothing of the bulk of the marijuana plants themselves, which are not especially psychoactive. Anyone treated for smoke inhalation from a fire like the one shown isn’t standing around with a goofy smile on his face, he’s flat on his back on a gurney with an oxygen mask strapped to his face.

I hear that gets you even higher.

It’s a fake. It’s going around the Fire Department here as well.

Do any of you ever check Snopes or anything before you ask these questions?

I just used to Google to search Snopes for ‘firefighter high’ and there are no references to this story on the site proper or the first 3 pages of results for the message board. So yeah, if the OP isn’t a member of Snopes*, this would be a good place to ask.

  • I’m a transplant from the boards over there, and I saw a few similar usernames.

I checked Snopes’ main page before I posted this, but I didn’t check their message boards. Really, there’s just so much stupid out there on other internet message boards; this is the only one I care to read/post on.

This video, however, does seem to be real.

Haha yea. Didn’t they end up firing the poor guy?