Jimmy Kimmel Live - Jan. 25, 2013 - Matt Damon's revenge

Anyone watch Jimmy Kimmel Live last night? I thought it was pretty funny.

For years, Kimmel has had a running gag where at the end of many of his shows, he signs off by saying “Apologies to Matt Damon, but we’ve run out of time.” As if Matt Damon was waiting in the green room to come out and got bumped because the show ran long.

They’ve had some fun with it, with back-and-forth music videos and whatnot.

Last night, Matt Damon showed up and duct-taped Jimmy to a chair and took over the show, calling it Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! All pre-planned of course, but still kind of funny.

Damon proceeds to bring in several big name celebrities one after another–who only agree to appear once they know Jimmy’s been restrained. Damon continuously makes snide remarks about Jimmy, while Jimmy is sitting in the chair onstage, looking on helplessly. There are videos sent in by even more celebrities, mostly taking shots at Kimmel.

All pretty goofy, but fun. I wouldn’t want to watch The Matt Damon Show every week, but I like it when shows take risks like this. And it confirms to me that Damon is a really cool guy. (Kimmel’s cool, too).

You can watch the episode here:

I thought it was hysterical, and I never watch the show.

I’ve never seen the show either (I don’t watch any late night talk shows except Stewart/Colbert) but Kimmel had a very charming interview on Fresh Air the day before so I made sure to watch it. It was quite fun, with Andy Garcia being the highlight for me.

I don’t watch Kimmel often (loved the Man Show tho) so the one time I saw him do this I thought “How weird… and the last act wasn’t that good anyway.” Heh, that’s pretty funny.

I wish I’d seen this one. Sounds like a hoot.

And the gag also led to Sarah Silverman’s song for Jimmy (back when they were dating) “I’m Fucking Matt Damon.”

I don’t normally watch Kimmel as I’m more of a Letterman/Ferguson fan if I’m up that late but I would watch him before Leno.

I caught some of it on Youtube (the Silverman segment and the audition tapes). Pretty funny stuff. It was essentially a celebrity roast.

The Silverman segment actually seemed like there was a weird edit in it. I wonder if they ran over time and cut some of it before airing. Or knowing her, it’s just as likely she said something the censors deemed offensive and it was edited out. :slight_smile:

I listen to Fresh Air via podcasts. I’ll have to check that out.

Jimmy Kimmel is my late night show of choice but only caught a few minutes of this last night. What I saw was pretty funny and I’ll have to watch the rest later.

Kimmel responded with his own song to taunt Matt Damon in turn: “I’m fucking Ben Affleck”.

Yes, that one is pretty epic.

Here’s the original “I’m F*@#ing Matt Damon” song/video.

ABC rebroadcast the show last night during primetime (10E/9C). I thought Andy Garcia was hilarious.

Apologies for the following hijack, but I did not know Demi Moore last night until she spoke. She has had so much plastic surgery, she was unrecognizable to me.

^agree about Demi Moore. I would not have known that was her if they didn’t say her name, and I’ve seen a lot of her movies.

Thirded. I had zero idea what was going on. I had to connect the name to that person.

“I have another rock”