Sarah Silverman is "F*ckin' Matt Damon"

My new favorite YouTube video… This was on Jimmy Kimmel last night:

Sarah Silverman is “F*cking Matt Damon”

I saw that on another forum… I laughed hard!

That’s gold, Jerry…gold!

Words fail me. I cannot describe the awesome.

Is it an homage to Scotty Doesn’t Know?

It’s because Jimmy Kimmel, as a running gag, says the show is too long for Matt Damon to follow. Hence the end, where Matt Damon cuts the song off because of Jimmy.

I knew that…just wanted an excuse to share the Scotty Doesn’t Know link…that just cracks me up.

Matt says she’s juicy.

I so want to fuck Sarah. She’s a Jewess Genius. Have the Kwisatz Haderach me and her.

You’ll have to fight me for her. She is drink-her-bath-water hot.

God, I loved Eurotrip. And that “fucking Matt Damon” video.

That was sooo sweeet!

I know someone who looks just like her, and I’ve seen her naked.

I confess, I went expecting to turn it off and role my eyes.

I was wrong. That was hilarious.

Ms. Silverman has described herself as “a hairy ape”. I’d like to assess that for myself.

Heh! :smiley:

She’s smokin hot- its too bad she has to bang Jimmy Kimmell to get on TV though.

She doesn’t hit often, but when she does, dynamite!

If only I were f*ckin’ Matt Damon…

Wow, my respect for Matt Damon has gone through the roof thanks to him being willing to do something like this.

Watch this video for the backstory - Damon throws a pretty believable hissy fit on Kimmel.