Who finds Sarah Silverman Funny?

I also made this into a pit thread, but I don’t think she deserves the honor…

Seriously, besides the “I’m fucking Matt Damon” bit that she did on Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy’s her boyfriend/husband), I’ve never laughed at anything she’s ever done. And I’ve put up w/ a lot of her 5 minute stand up stuff they play during “Premium Blend” and “Comics Unleashed” stuff on Comedy Central. (Usually because I’m too lazy to find the remote)

Do women find her stuff funny? I’ve talked w/ other guys, lots are fans of stand-up comedy, and everyone pretty much agrees the world would be a better place without her. What exactly is her base demographic?

I know she’s got her Comedy Central show (if it hasn’t been cancelled by now), but seriously, who does she appeal to?

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“I **almost ** made a pit thread about this”

I think she’s hot. Only humorous once in a blue moon, but she can tickle my funny bone any day.

Stupid and very unfunny. I’ve seen her a couple of times while channel surfing, and have never even so much as grinned. Not even at her preview “takes” which I presume are meant to showcase how funny she is?

In fact, anything she says generally has the opposite effect on me, I’m not amused by her, I’m annoyed.

Ok, now I don’t care if this thread gets another comment at all, it’s gotten 100+ views and no one has defended her. I’m forced to quote another doper from the pit:

From D_Odds: (the pit thread Pit the Insanely Stupid in this World :
(It is amazing how many guys will ignore clueless in a pretty girl.)

I choose to believe that this is the reason she has any kind of popularity. No one finds her funny, they just put up with her shit because she has a nice body. Now I can go to sleep. :slight_smile:

I find her often very funny. That jury selection joke, for example, is quite good; and her bit in The Aristocrats was one of the few moments of genuine comedy in it. She was part of the esteemed Mr. Show, and that’s clearly been a sizable influence on The Sarah Silverman Program. I mean, I don’t know what I can offer in her defense, other than that humor is subjective, but, yes, here’s one raised hand.

Rather than reword and retype, I’ll just say “Me too.”

I think some of her stuff is funny and very clever. However, she has a mean streak that is indefensible as far as I’m concerned. That whole thing where she ripped (Paris Hilton?) knowing she was in the audience…I’ve got no use for someone who’s that insensitive…and I can’t stand Paris Hilton!

I’m in the UK, where she has a very low profile and isn’t so exposed. I saw her being interviewed once and she said her routines were about the comedy of arrogance mixed with ignorance. That’s what she aims to do, that what she does, and I think she hits her target very well. The few routines of hers that I’ve seen, I find her intriguing enough to keep watching and I do laugh here and there at the cleverness of her approach.

Someone once said that these things are very subjective.

Of course, that was just his opinion.

I’d heard of her but never actually seen any of work, so I just now watched a few of her acts on Youtube.

Pretty bland.

“I’m fucking Matt Damon” was funny in that she actually had Matt there singing it with her, but beyond that it was just one note (and note even funny on its own) repeated for several minutes. Even the worst SNL skits have some set-up and variation.

“I have a dream” was a Jack Handy skit with some swearing. Ok, but nothing groundbreaking by any means.

“Cheese” was meh. If you find “I want to fuck this cheese” to be shocking, then you’ll be shocked. Shots of the audience (some celebrity deal) showed a lot of “I can’t believe she’s doing this” reactions and very little “holy crap that’s funny.”

Plus her timing isn’t very good.

All in all, I put her on about the same level as Jeff Altman (Of “Pink Lady and…” fame)

For a good example of shock humor, my personal favorite is this bit by Jimmy Carr, which mixes cringe factor, mean-spiritedness and actual humor:

(SFW, aside from being a Youtube video with sound)


I think her timing is excellent. Ever see her “Jesus is Magic” show (partly standup)?

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Ahhhh I can definitely see the arrogance and ignorance in her Comedy Central show. I found her show pretty funny in a very off the wall way. She got arrested for pet abuse because she licked her dogs butt to find out why he was always doing it.
She dressed in black face to try and understand what it’s like to be black. People were offended and shocked which she saw as oppression.

I’ve seen her be very funny {and cruel} at a roast. I’ve also seen her when she wasn’t funny so I’m about 60/40 in her favor.

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She’s made me laugh once or twice in her stand-up, but she’s no Ellen DeGeneres. She’s mean as hell, and not in a laugh-out-loud way either. I agree with Kalhoun. Anyone who makes me feel sorry for Paris Hilton is a bad, bad person, and the jokes weren’t even funny. C’mon, Sarah, if you’re going to kick a girl when she’s down and tear her apart right before she goes to jail, at least make the jokes funny! Her entire schtick seems to be “I’m hot! And I have a potty mouth!”

If she looked like Sandra Bernhardt, she’d still be waiting tables.

When she was on the MTV music awards a year or so back, she was the only performance worse than Brittney Spears.

I find her pithier comments on Judaism and religion in general funny once in a while:

On the fact that her husband is Catholic: “It’s not a problem. We tell our daughter that Mommy is one of God’s chosen people, and Daddy thinks Jesus is magic.”

Her story about her sister, who married a guy named Abramowitz, and decided, rather than change her name, that they would both hyphenate their names, to Silverman-Abramowitz. “But that’s too long, so on the mailbox, they’re just going to write, ‘Jews’.”

But I don’t ‘get’ her ‘cutting-edge’, different-because-a-pretty-girl-says-it shtick. I didn’t think that was funny when Jenny McCarthy did it ten years ago.

She is gorgeous though.

Her whole routine seems to be “I’m semi-attractive* and I say bad stuff! Oooh!” - if she was a run of the mill ugly girl she wouldn’t be famous.

  • I don’t really find her attractive. She’s got a nice body but she looks somewhat manly… or, sometimes apelike.

The Jewish stuff is her best material. The shock humor is just tired. It’s 2008. You’d have to kill and eat a baby onstage to shock people these days. I don’t think she’s all that attractive, either.