Do you find Amy Schumer amusing?

Elsewhere there is a thread discussing Amy Schumer conflict with Glamour magazine. I’d link to it if I cared enough, which I don’t. I also don’t care to discuss whether she’s bangable. Anyone who feels the need to do reveals himself as a more superficial and petty person than even Skald. I don’t think that’s a line you should cross lightly, but on your own heads be it.

Anyway, there’s at least three ways to look at that question. Links in the spoiler box because of some salty language.

Do you find Schumer’s stand-up act funny? Her sketch comedy? Her movies?

Those are just the first links I found; I’m too lazy to search long. but to answer my own question, I find Schumer freaking hilarious and almost injured myself laughing at Train Wreck. But that’s just me. Thoughts?

Yup. I think she’s great. Some people might not, but odds are I don’t like their sense of humor.

Some of my favorites from her show

Sex Stories

Last Fuckable Day

Milk Milk Lemonade

Edit: Last fuckable day was in the op. It’s ok, it’s a good one.

Generic female comedian that thinks talking about sex a lot substitutes being funny.

She’s not bad, just meh.

I’m flattered to death! :o

Her stand-up is OK, not great. Inside Amy Schumer took about 2 full seasons to hit it’s stride, but season 3 was fantastic. (I’ve not watched any of the new episodes yet). Trainwreck was a disappointment.

You can’t go in there!

Sure, she’s funny.

I love her! I’m a 30-something saucy white woman, myself, so it’s kind of no surprise. I love her show the best. *Trainwreck *was pretty good, not as good as the show (but, not her movie, she was just the actress). I saw her stand-up live, too and my only complaint is that the show was WAY too short.

I first heard about her when I was listening to an interview with Mel Brooks and he talked about how she was just hilarious, one of the funniest comedians he’s ever seen. I thought, well, hell, if she’s good enough for Mel Brooks…

Her stand-up doesn’t do much for me, and I haven’t seen trainwreck, I can only take trainwrecks in small doses before my sympathy/empathy runs dry and they become just pathetic. So her sketch comedy is PERFECT!

I have watched the O’Nutters sketch over and over and it cracks me up every time.


Yes, she has some amusing bits. About one in five or so of her skits on Inside Amy Schumer I find pretty funny. I don’t seem to be as big a fan of hers as a lot of my friends are – I find a lot of her comedy ham fisted with no subtlety-- but she does make me crack a smile every once in awhile.

Yeah, mostly / usually. And I’m almost humor-impaired.

My bad - *Trainwreck *IS Amy’s movie. She is not just the actress, she was the writer too. I still didn’t like it as much as the show, though.

Carry on.


Yes, I think she’s great. Liked the movie, like TV show, like the parts of her stand up I’ve seen.

I stopped watching Trainwreck about 1 hour in. It was terribly unfunny.

Yes. Funny and very cute.

I think her comedy is cheap, easy, common-denominator crap that takes no intellect to appreciate. The fact that some find her cute just helps her sell that drivel. I change the channel if she’s on it.

Yes, she is very funny. Her stand up is just okay as it’s a bit one note, but her show is truly great, and her movie was good too.

I find her extremely funny. Sharp, witty observations. Some will go down as classics. Others are a mess, but what can you do?

The sketch she did riffing on 12 Angry Men was one of the most amazing comedy sketches (it’s a very long sketch – maybe 20 minutes) I’ve ever seen. Just absolutely brilliant.

I’ve found the rest of her stuff hit and miss – sometimes very funny, sometimes meh.

She can be very funny and I hope she doesn’t start taking herself too seriously.