Is Sarah Silverman funny?

Seems to me that her main schtick is the shock of hearing potty language come out of the mouth of a rather attractive young woman. In The Aristocrats, her bit started funny, but she overexplained it. The first part was the only time I’ve actually laughed at something she said.

Am I missing something?

She leaves me cold. Yeah, yeah…inappropriate, vulgar, blah, blah, blah. Mostly I see something of a mean streak in her. Couple that with her questionable taste in men (Jimmy Fucking Kimmel) and I’m just not getting it. She is probably a very talented writer, but you have a framework other than your obnoxious self to write around. I think that’s where her reputation comes from.


I don’t think she’s funny. My husband does. Her persona is that of a terrrifically mean and unpleasant person, which I don’t find very amusing.

Humor is pretty subjective.

That having been said, no, she isn’t. IMO.

Women aren’t funny.

I’ve seen her be funny (on Rough Crowd, or whatever that Colin Quinn show was), but her show just makes me squirm. So, no.

This is how I see her, too. Mostly not clever, and kind of mean. Thinks she can get a laugh just from being vulgar, which generally isn’t that amusing. Comedians can be vulgar and funny, but they usually have a point to the humor other than just the vulgarity.

She can be quite funny at times, but she shouldn’t be surprised if she gets a random punch in the mouth while walking down the street.

I didn’t find her standup very funny, but the show makes me laugh sometimes.

Evidently you never saw Ellen DeGeneres’s stand up act. She was hysterical - an exceptional comic, one of the very best.

Humor’s subjective. Personally, I don’t find Silverman at all funny. I like shock humor - I think “Family Guy” is hilarious - but Silverman always comes across to me as a drama geek who’s acting outrageous to mask her personal issues. Nothing is less entertaining than a hammy drama geek.

I used to think so, but she’s nothing more than a one-trick pony. If she’s going to do “mean-spirited” celebrity humor, she should take a lesson from Kathy Griffin. At least she knows how to snark without sounding like a snotty teenager.

Exactly. She was a talented stage actress, but went on to try to become something she just isn’t. The only way to get around her basic lack of comedic acumen is to try to shock people. She should have stayed with her talents.

Right! She reminds me a lot of Howard Stern, except without the brain-dead naked women. Shock for shock’s sake has been done to death. I’ll take Ellen Degeneres or Kathy Griffin over Sarah any day of the week. Christ…she almost makes Joan Rivers sound funny again! (I said almost.)

Hmmm. Don’t recognize the name. I’ve seen The Aristocrats, but that was years ago. Not having TV has some drawbacks. Well, I found a pic online. Funny or not, she is cute.

I think she’s hilarious.

She’s vulgar, yes, but she’s also a pretty good joke crafter.

“My seven year old niece came home from school the other day. She said, ‘Aunt Sarah, did you know Hitler killed 60 million Jews during the holocaust?’”

“I had to tell her, ‘He killed 6 million Jews. . .he wasn’t that bad.’”

She uses vulgarity not just to be vulgar but for the genuine humor that can come from the incongruity of it (same niece again). . .“aunt Sarah, I figured out I’m a lesbian. Don’t worry, I don’t hate men or anything (pause) I just love eating pussy.”

Good timing. Fearless. Uses her persona and appearance as part of her shtick. I think she’s very talented.

Yes, indeed. That is actually part of the schtick. It’s teh shocking to hear such things coming from the mouth of such a cute girl.

She’s not very funny, although she can be funny at times, generally I find her hard to take. I must admit, however, she has a pretty funny commercial on Sirius about whether the success of her show has changed her.

Did your ears just pop?

She was funny on Howard this Monday asking if she could smell the balls of one of the more hygiene-challenged members of the staff. Alas, he had just showered so came back on Wednesday and did it.