Are Sarah Silverman and Jonathan Silverman related?

I see a resemblance but I can’t find a reference.

I can’t believe she dates that asshole Jimmy Kimmel.

IMDB lists Sarah as having 3 sisters, including 1 actress (who appears in her new show, I believe) and 1 screenwriter. One suspects if she was related to Jonathan, they would’ve mentioned that. They don’t.

From IMDB: Sarah Kate Silverman

From Wiki but not verified:


Reminds me of the Roast of Pamela Anderson on Comedy Central where I think Greg Geraldo made a comment about something “drying up faster than Sarah Silverman’s pussy around guys who can’t help her in the business.”

I came to quote the line** pool ** quoted- probably the funniest one liner in all of the roasts made by anybody other than Jeff Ross. The look on Sarah’s face after Giraldo said it made you think that even she knew it was true.

I believe her new show on Comedy Central premieres tonight- I wonder she got a show on Comedy Central? :rolleyes: I do think she is funny though, and a hottie.

See? I knew I saw a resemblance. I also can’t believe she’s 36 years old. She looks like a little teeney-bopper.

Her new show looks interesting. I’m going to have to make a point of watching it.


Maybe she got a show on Comedy Central because she is funny, and a hottie?

He left his wife and kids to take up with her. She’s a charmer.

Sarah is pretty much an asshole, too. She’s a cute, funny asshole, but an asshole all the same.

Her show got a good review out of the San Francisco Chronicle’s cynical Tim Goodman, who I find generally has decent taste. But he makes it clear that it isn’t necessarily a show for everyone:

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A friend of mine dates* a girl who has an overwhelming resemblence to Sarah Silverman. Not so much physically (although there’s that, too) but in terms of personality. She’s hilarious from a distance, but if you spend more than ten minutes in the same room with her, you want to start slapping her and never stop. I get exactly the same vibe off of Silverman as I do off my friends gf. I love her stand up, but I never, ever want to meet her in person.

[sub]*Or possibly dated. I’m not sure if they’re together right now. They have one of the Schroedinger relationships, where it’s impossible for an outside observer to figure out the position or speed of their relationship, unless you ask one of them, at which point you will be given so many tedious details of their personal dramas that you end up killing yourself.[/sub]

She is really pretty, but if you take a close look at her you realize she is a really pretty mid-30s woman, not a young twenty year old.

I plan to check out her show. Comedy Central is still looking for a replacement for Chappel. Mencia did not come close on the ratings. So now Sarah gets a chance.

I hope she lives up to there expectations. I like her and her comedy.

lisacurl: you appear to be condemning her on very little. For all you know Jimmy’s marriage was on the rocks for a long time, or maybe the wife left him.


I’ve always heard that the vast majority of comedians have private personalities that are nothing like their stage personas.

Are you basing your dislike on some actual knowledge of Silverman or just her act?

You’re saying that Jimmy Fucking Kimmel has sway in the business? And that sway is so powerful that after being her boyfriend for five years he managed to get her a short-run series on Comedy Central - a series based on the hit cult film that she made, a movie that he doesn’t even rate a producer’s credit on?

Either you have an odd idea of “true” or an even odder idea of show business.

Just her act and seeing her on talk shows and the like. And I like her act quite a bit. She’s a great comedian. But if her stage persona is anything like her real life personality (and I admit, I don’t have any way to know if it is) then I’m just as happy to keep a TV screen between me and her.

Exapno, I’ll be honest, after I posted that and too late to edit, I thought ‘that post can be torn apart, I hope nobody notices’ and darned if you didn’t :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few eps of the new show. It’s cute, hilarious at times (like her cough syrup binge) but hit and miss overall (like Silverman herself, who’s quite anti-social in real life. By the way, her older sister – who plays her younger sister on the show – is just as funny, and way cuter).

I think you mean Heisenberg relationship.

I am confused, I thought it was premiering tonight?


Both you and Miller may be completely right about her. But Comedy Central roasts really do aim at the standard that the White House Correspondents’ Association advocates for its dinners: singe, don’t burn. All (well, almost) the comics who perform on them are real-life friends and they’re taking friendly shots, not cutting one another apart. (And the non-comic celebs have their jokes written for them by comedy writers who are part of the same crowd.)

I just think that the evidence you two were using had no rational basis.

Cat Fight, who may be a Hollywood insider, if already seeing multiple eps is a clue, seems to know something about Silverman’s real life. Comics are rarely really nice people. Silverman could an awful person. Still doesn’t mean she’s sleeping her way to the middle. :slight_smile:

I am confused again. I just saw her sister Laura for the first time and Sarah is most emphatically cuter. I guess it is a matter of personal taste though.