Wedding videos

If you had your wedding recorded, do you ever watch the video?

Even tho I eloped, I doubt that I’d have had the wedding taped if we had gone the traditional route. So I wouldn’t have a video to watch anyway. But I know lots of people hire videographers or have family members record for them, and I wondered how often or if people watched them.

What say ye?

Someone set up a tripod aimed at the area where the saying of the vows took place, but the camera ran out of batteries at some point. Other than seeing the tape the one time to find out that most of what happened was missing, I haven’t watched it again. I don’t even know where it is, to tell the truth.

We refused to have ours done even as a gift. The memory has to be better than the harsh reality when it is committed to film and future scrutiny. They are only one step above birth videos.

I once watched part of someone else’s wedding video–on fast forward so we could see how much the minister shuffled from one foot to the other. Also, the end of their video featured the bride and groom dismissing each pew of people individually, with hugs, etc. so the video became a good record of who was at the wedding, which I thought was kind of neat.
(I also watched someone’s video who got married in Vegas and allowed it to be streamed onto the Web. More interesting, but still not all that compelling).

I’m not married, and thus don’t have a wedding video of my own, but I think it would be a low priority, mostly because I don’t imagine wanting to watch it again–at least not for 20 years or something, by which time I’m not sure I trust it to still be watchable due to rapidly changing technology.

Yeah - under what circumstances would one watch that?? “Mommy, where did I come from?” :eek:

I think the only videos we have are copies from other people who had kids in the same programs as our daughter (we never owned a video cam) - it’s a hoot to watch those dance recitals from when she was 5 or 6.

I’ve watched mine 2-3 times in the last 13 years. I’d really like to get it converted from VHS to DVD. I’d really like to get some stills from it, since our still photographer wasn’t very good at candids.

Did you watch it on a particular occasion - like an anniversary - or just because you felt like it?

We got a wedding video because we figured that if we got one, we’d watch it once, but if we didn’t, we’d regret it forever. We’ve been married less than a year at this point, and have watched one and a half times - once by ourselves, and the first half over again with my in-laws, who were so excited when we brought it by that they had to watch it with us immediately, if not sooner. I’ve known people whose kids watched their wedding videos over and over again, and I could see hauling it out every decade or so for kicks.

My wife’s cousin taped ours and gave it to us as a present. She taped the ceremony from where she sat, then roved around a little afterwards, like taping people congratulating us from a double decker tour bus that had stopped in front of the Cathedral while we were doing formal shots. She also went around to people during the reception and got comments, some of which were pretty funny. We watched it a few times (in the ten years we’ve been married) randomly and recently played it for our four year old girls. It’s good for laughs and a walk down memory lane. I like having it.

My husband and I eloped and wouldn’t have had a video even if we’d had a traditional wedding, but my sister in law (the self proclaimed–constantly–“princess”) had one. She lives in a different state than we did before we got stationed over here, and about 8 months or so after her wedding she and her husband drove 12 hours to come visit us. As soon as they walked in the door, before even getting bags out of the car or anything, she wants to know where the VCR is so we can watch her wedding video. Apparently at that time she had been watching it every day at least once. So, before any sort of pleasantries, can I get you a drink, things like that, we are forced to watch an hour and a half of them getting married, which wasn’t especially exciting when we watched it the first time in person.

So there’s one person who got good use out of hers.