Weekends - for catching up on projects, or relaxing?

Short version - in your opinion, do you use weekends (or your other days off if different) to:

  1. get caught up on projects (laundry, house repairs, yard work, fixing the car, etc.) that you didn’t have a chance to do during the week, or
  2. Relax and unwind from the work you did during the week.

Longer version:
I have recently figured out that my wife and I view the weekends differently. She has been retired for the last 5 years, and is now a stay-at-home mom. So her days are filled with typical housewife/mom stuff.

I, on the other hand, work a normal day job plus have a small side business that occupies about 10 hours a week.

Since I don’t really get any “chores” done during the week, when the weekend comes, I like to get right to them and get them done. Yard work, car maintenance, whatever.

My wife, however, would like to just relax, sleep in late on the weekends and not do any projects. It recently occurred to me that, duh, that’s because she’s doing that kind of thing all week while I’m at work.

This actually caused a little friction between us from time to time until we figured out what was going on.

So, which side are you on - catch up on work or unwind from the week? (Certainly there is usually time to do both - but which side do you lean to, either by choice or necessity?)

The lazy side. I have worked really hard to be a lazy ass and I’m determined to succeed in this endeavour.

I have two days off a week from my main source of income.

I spend one on chores/household stuff/side jobs and the other on catching up on my rest and relaxation.

So I guess I split the difference

I don’t like doing anything that seems like work when I’m not at work. That means that household chores like laundry are completed only at the brink of catastrophe. My light fixtures are uncovered because no one wants to take time from something else putting the damned annoying covers back on. I spend all the time I can avoiding “projects.”

Your stay at home wife actually has enough housework to do during the week to not be able to help with the yardwork? How big a mansion is she tending? Or does she also help rear the grandkids?

Relaxing. One really great thing about working from home is that a lot of chores/housework can be done during the day - laundry, for example, is no big deal to throw in the washer during a short break from work. Even errands can be run easily enough during the day - I rarely take a lunch break so running up to Target to grab more toilet paper or whatever is not a big deal.

We pay a housekeeper to do the main cleaning duties. She comes every other week to vacuum, clean toilets, etc. Well worth the time.

I do tend to go grocery shopping on Saturday morning. That’s about the only “chore” I do with regularity on the weekends.

I always felt weekends were for relaxing, and doing the kind of chores that set you up for the week ahead, like laundry and grocery shopping.
I’m married to Mr. Type A, who feels they are a time when we can finally get some *real *work done. I think our plan for the upcoming weekend is to continue building a new fence across the pasture, bust up a stump, and take down the Christmas decorations. More tasks to be added as they arise.

I mean, I’m appreciative that important things are getting done. I never have that depressing wasted-time feeling come Sunday night. But I would like to lie around and watch stuff on TCM too.

Saturdays are my only day off. I live alone, and I do all the chores.

Holiday season, when I work Saturday nights, that goes double.

I do nothing during the week after work except perhaps plow snow and a load of laundry.

Weekday evenings are early to bed and some reading before sleep. Note that going to bed by 7pm and reading is not that unusual. My wife gets up at 4am.

Weekends are when I get my jobs around the house done. Most cooking is done on the weekend as well. My wife is a little different than I in that she may do a few things like wash some pots and pans before going to work.

Weekend evenings are when my wife will play a few games of chess. Never do that during the week either.

I definitely prefer to relax on the weekends. But, sometimes things need to get done, and I do them.

Depends on the weather. The stuff I do to relax is motorcycles and shooting; both of which can be tough in heavy rains or bad snow. So if the weather is terrible its a catch-up weekend.

Of course sometimes catching up is building another gun or rebuilding a bike so ------------

I work evening shift so daytime leaves me all the time I need for adult things like laundry and household stuff.

We split things 50:50. Usually one day is devoted to yard-work/gardening/household projects. In the peak of summer this requires two days, so my gf works a 4 day week and tries toi get the yard in shape on Fridays.

On Sunday in good weather we take the dogs out pontooning. In cold or rainy weather we hit the bars/breweries.

By the time Sunday night rolls around, I’m either regretting I didn’t get enough done or regretting that I didn’t relax enough. So… both?

Both. I happen to find much of the housework I do on weekends relaxing (laundry) or entertaining (DIY); some other tasks are stuff I can only do if I’m relaxed to begin with (organize the storage).

One advantage of living alone is that nobody gets cranky if I start organizing a closet, do a couple of shelves and then stop. And nobody whines about my menu choices.

Splitting work so that certain tasks are owned by one person is a perfectly valid method. “Sharing the work” doesn’t mean you should have four eyes watching a single boiling pot. And how do you know that she hasn’t done any yardwork during the week?

I have 2 kids under 5, so I never get to “relax and unwind”. Right now, I’m unemployed and my wife works. So during the week I’m a SAH dad, although the nanny does most of the heavy lifting with the kids. My days are mostly spent job hunting.

Weekends, we typically do family stuff. Take the kids to the zoo, museums, the Botanical Gardens, whatever. On occasions when my wife takes the kids to her parents and I stay at home, my “break” is that I use the time to clean the apartment so as to make some attempt to not have the place look like a suicide bomber blew himself up inside an FAO Schwartz.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you find out which your intended is before moving in together. I used to want to kill him, now I just do the chores I can on my own, while he lolls.

I use weekends for both. However, the dust bunnies are winning.

Weekends are for sleeping as much as I can, and then feeling guilty about not doing chores the rest of the time.

Both. First day off is mostly for relaxing/unwinding, second day is more chore-oriented. Three day weekends( every other week )vary, but skew a little towards relaxation and that first day is almost always a do nothing day.

I like to think that it’s relaxing to catch up on needed tasks. My wife, though, thinks it’s a good time to take her shopping at places that she’s afraid to drive to herself. :frowning: