Weekly Comic Book Discussion 1/25/2007

Here it is. Fairly big week for me, but I “backed up” and picked up Catwoman #63 (for the Calculator appearance) as well as Omega Men #3, which somehow I had overlooked. Still hate the art on that.

Marvel purchases were sparse this week - only X-Factor (excellent) and Civil War : The Return which sucked. I will elaborate.

Civil War : The Return has been hyped as the return of a major character to the MU after a long absence. This should be a momentous and important occasion, judging by the fact it gets its own one-shot.

Half the book is a story about the Sentry and why he decided to register. Whoop-de-doo.

So, already, the “event” book is only 50% about the ‘Return’ in question.

Now, I won’t take issue with the status of the character who returns - he’s a former very recognizable Marvelite, and I can buy him being on the pro-Reg side, but there are a couple of issues. One, though I can buy the method of his return through ‘comic book science’, it’s just crappily presented. It’s dull, intenteresting and unengaging. Second, THIS guy is going to be a major factor in the war? Really? And the Sentry thinks this is the one person who can stop him if he goes nuts again? THIS guy? I’m just not seeing the power level to justify that BS.

For those who don’t mind spoilers, the Returning character is :

Captain Mar-Vell

Candid, is that the original, or the more recent version? If it’s the original, I might never read another Marvel comic in protest.

The original. I speculate this is why the more recent version got killed.

Please oh PLEASE tell me you’re just making this up!

I’m on my way to the comic shop RIGHT NOW!

Good thing for me I live in New York, so after I get over my shock of the stupidity of this all I can head over to sixth aveune, grab a 12 gague and set this all right! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Mystery in Space #5: This book is a little gem. You’ve got great space pulpiness with Captain Comet in the main feature, and wonderful surreal weirdness with the Weird in the backup, happening at the same place and time in parallel stories.

**Flash #8: **This book makes me feel old. “Hey you kids get off my lawn” old. I still wince whenever they demonstrate that Impulse is dead and gone, and I don’t think they’ve given mature Bart a very interesting personality, at least by contrast. At the moment, he’s Barry-lite. Although I do like his new job and smirked at the funky science in here. Well, we’ll just see what the new writer can do. He wasn’t given a very strong foundation here.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #26: Fun and fast. Full of intriguing possible connections to 52.

Checkmate #10: Very interesting twist here.

52 Week Thirty-Eight: Fun with the mads, and a really good deah scene.

The Helmet of Fate: Ibis the Invincible #1: The social commentary is overwrought, the costume is atrocious, and the powers ill-defined. But gods help me, it’s a lot of fun. Very Captain Marvel. I guess I’m just a sucker for the Egyptian gods.

Looks like my time with Marvel is done and finished. They never learn. Sometimes, things need to stay permanent, comic-book science be damned.

The new Helmet of Fate with the new Ibis was, indeed, mad fun. Someone really did their homework on Egyptology (serpopards!). And Thoth was a hoot. But, yeah, they did somehow make the costume and powers worse for new Ibis than for old Ibis, which is quite a feat.

I picked up all six on Menocchio’s list. Enjoyed all but Flash.

52 - I’m hoping it wasn’t a death scene. The Mad Scientists are a lot of fun, though.

I have to agree, making the new Ibis shirtless and buff just seems off and pointless. Hopefully they’ll wake up and say the kid can just make his costume look however he wants. It was fun, had potential, and a genuinely cool cavalry charge moment. At least it’s not a damn legacy hero.

Now, the Punisher Civil War thingy vs. Cap? Terrible.

And if I was gonna throw a cosmic guy at Sentry, I’d pick Quasar. Always liked him.

I haven’t actually seen the issue (or anything else), but having heard that it returned to the mad scientist story line, I checked the DC discussion boards to see if there was any Metal Men content.

Not only is Doc Magnus obviously going to build new Metal Men with the materials he’s hoarding, but if he eats all those beans, he may be creating a new Gas Gang, too…

He’s the same place the other guy previously was…which doesn’t seem to be an impediment.

Shirtless and buff is never pointless! :smiley:

Just curious, is the Supergirl in “Supergirl and the Legion” the same Kara from our time?

Civil War: The Return: Of all the ways to bring back the character, they cram him into Civil War? I can see why though. It’s not as if there was some other big event that would suit his character better. :rolleyes: I suppose I should’ve known it was coming after Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben all managed to make a comeback. It did kind of surprise me that he came back to be a useless sack of crap.

Punisher: War Journal #3: Okey dokey. Last issue for me. I’ll stick to Ennis’ Max title.

Wormwood #1 - Absolutely rocks. What if Christ and the Anti-Christ came back and decided not to follow their fathers orders? Then became pals?

Mouse Gard #6 - The end of a great series and an announcement that there’ll be a new one later this year. Great stuff.

The Lost Diaries of Eve #1 - Seems there was some stuff left out of Genesis. Not a lot of action in the first one but the concept and artwork is great.

Fables #57 - Bigby, Snow and the Cubs finally visit the North Wind. And a cliffhanger! Bigby’s going to kick some ass.

True Story, Swear to God #3 - Still a great book but really clouded by my knowledge of the ending.

PVP #30 - All material I’ve seen before but still…it has the Delorean in it so it can’t be all bad.

Eternals #6 - Supposed to be the end of the series but now it’s #6 of 7. I’ve no idea how Gaiman will wrap it up.

Also trades for Lucifer: Evensong and Batman: Year 100.

Unfortunately, in his “secret ID” the new Ibis is a young kid. So it’s really kind of like having shirtless Captain Marvel – sure, he’s buff, but it’s icky realizing that he’s a kid.

Yes. Same Kara Zor-el. Mon-el confirms it in the current issue of Sg&LSH.

So… in 52 they mention that the fourth Horseman whose name has something to do with ‘Hunger’ had left earlier, I could only think of SKEETS, and the fact that he ‘ate’ the Phantom Zone in the previous issue. So is this Skeets not the REAL Skeets, but a replica from the Island of the Mad Scientists, and the Fourth Horseman?

I doubt it can be, unless time travel is involved (which is certainly possible)

Um, time travel is involved.

Guys, that was a pretty damn funny interchange. :slight_smile:

I’m not certain. Some of Mon-El’s dialogue about meeting Superman when he was Supergirl’s age… Fits more of the pre-Crisis vibe, thus he may be thinking of Kara’s pre-Crisis version. Still not sure.