Weekly Comic Book Discussion 1/5/2006

First new comics of the year hit stores today, a day late due to the holiday. I’ll have mine after work.

So did everyone hear that Wolverine is getting ANOTHER stand-alone series? In addition to the myriad to teams he’s on, he will have a second series entitled Wolverine: Origins, in which he wears his brown costume and flashes back to the recovered memories of his pre-Weapon X life. I already was thinking about dropping Wolverine, but now I’m wondering if I can get negative one issues every month. :rolleyes:

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #3: Fun, but fluffy. Old School Eclipso went out like a punk all the time, didn’t he? This one had less of the teamwork and banter I liked in the previous issues.

Teen Titans #31: I liked the A-Plot (of course Kid Eternity is involved), but the Captain Carrot stuff just kinda ended. Does this mean no more resurrections?

Day of Vengeance Special #1: Huh. Thought it would take them longer to clean up all the loose ends, but they got it neat and tidy. Some big changes here, and I think all for the better (someone said that Dr. Fate needed to be powered down, So Done!). I really enjoyed this one, more than DoV itself. I’m looking forward to Shadowpact now. The God of the DCU is kinda a dick, isn’t he? I was wondering when he’d do something about his servant.

Frankenstein #2: All my life, I’ve been waiting to read this comic, and I didn’t even know it. “The Flesh-Eating Horses of Mars are Restless.”

Y: The Last Man #41: The origins of 355. It’s good, but I hope I’m reading the wrong conclusion from some of the clues dropped here. Also, She-Cannibals!

Aquaman #38: Geeze. Aquaman can’t catch a break. He’s 0-2 here, isn’t he? Great, gritty stuff. I love Aquaman. He’s a badass, and a bigger hard-luck case than Peter Parker. Despite the fact that it’s not about Arthur, I’m stoked for Sword of Atlantis.

Jonah Hex #3: Bat Lash. Heh. The only thing wrong with this book is that Clint Eastwood is too old to do a movie adaptation.

Plastic Man #17-19: A parody of comic book mega-events (ie The Crisises). Awesomeness. “SHIRTLESS FIGHTING!”

The Flash #229: Whippersnapper. Nice.

Birds of Prey #89: Do you mind, Bats? I can only deal with one psycho at a time. Why don’t you play with your little spy satilette which is easier to get into than Paris Hilton?

She-Hulk #3 (100): Poor, Pug. At least he gets to forget the snub. I had to look up the John Byrne “continuity” in-joke. I loved the rotating artists. Coner and Palmiotti need to work on a monthly title, preferably DC, but I’d follow them wherever as long as the story’s good.

Teen Titans #30: Gotta love the little things in the art like Speedy carrying a Powerpuff Girls backpack. Is that an ongoing thing which I just didn’t notice or was it just this issue?
The DC website for Supergirl #7 contains a **huge ** spoiler for her and another character. Just a heads up. I’m interested how it all comes together, but I wish I hadn’t seen the end result.

Frankenstein #2 - Boy, that Mr. Morrison sure does write some purty prose, don’t he? “Now, among these numinous ruins of a long gone culture are strewn the echoes incarnadine of some primordial, epic bereavement.” Gaw-dayum! And at the bottom of the same page, a reference to my favorite artists, Yves Tanguy!

Yow! I wasn’t expecting Melmoth to be defeated before Seven Soldiers Special #1.

Day of Vengeance Special #1 - Cynical me, I thought these specials were just being put out to milk the whole Infinite Crisis tie-in franchise even further. Consequently, I was expecting filler, and I was consequently taken by surprise by all the major developments here. Not bad! Detective Chimp sure lucked out on which opponent he got saddled with…

Frankenstein #2 - daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, dude. Morrisson remains my favorite person doing anything. I’d buy a poster of that opening page.

JSA # 81 - Fluff piece featuring Stargirl. Ho hum.

Day of Vengeance Special - Very unexpected development, and finally a conclusion to the main story of the mini-series. As is all too common these days, though, the writers didn’t do their continuity homework…Arion died (his soul went to its final reward, didn’t it?) in JSA # 50. But what’s a mega-crossover event without someone accidentally including a dead guy in a crowd scene?

It was a good week.

Seven Soldiers : Frankenstein #2 - This just further cements for me that this is the best of the 7S miniseries. I want a Frankenstein ongoing.

JSA #81 - I felt it was solid, but I do want to note - I had been identifying scenes from Alex Luthor’s crystal viewscreen in Infinite Crisis, and I pegged one as Libby vs. Blitzkrieg from All-Star Squadron; it appears that was in error, and actually was a depiction of a precursor to this issue.

Teen Titans #31 - Nice to see Kid Eternity back. Felt he kinda got punked with the JSA relaunch shenanigans before. Love the Zoo Crew.

Day of Vengeance Special - Yes. Excellent. I mildly object to Dr. Occult being one of the temporary Sin hosts - I like Doc to have his dignity - but otherwise, great. Phantom Stranger !

One thing that struck me was how similar Frankenstein and Jonah Hex are in tone and structure:

Act I: The Guilty do bad things.
Act II: Enter a horribly ugly man.
Act III: The ugly man brings horrible death to the Guilty.
Act IV: Ugly man exits, alone, persued by guilt and self-loathing.

Frankenstein is much more poetic though, which is why I really dig it.

One thing that’s beginning to bug me about DoV Special:

[spoiler] I wish more time were given aside to deal with the fact that Captain Marvel is being trapped inside the Rock of Eternity, possibly forever (we know he’ll get out at some point, but he doesn’t). That’s a lot to ask of a kid as young as Billy. And certainly Mary would have something to say about it.

I really like the Big Red Cheese, and while this is a nifty way to have him stay significant while on the sidelines (and has been suggested by some versions of the future, IIRC), it still deserves some more reaction from the Marvel Family than what we got. [/spoiler]

I forgot about that aspect. I had the same complaint, really, but expect we’ll see more of the reaction elsewhere.

It is interesting how DC has nodded to various presentations of the future in this book. The item you mention references DC One Million; the Nabu-only Dr. Fate we see here and in recent JSA issues is similar to that presented in the dark magic future shown to Tim Hunter in the Books of Magic miniseries as well as Kingdom Come.

I kinda regret we didn’t get a Constantine cameo here, though - and several other magic types could’ve shown up.

Maybe it’s because the magic-types know that introducing Constantine into a situation is the fastest way to make a bad situation turn unbelieveably awful and frequently fatal. :slight_smile:

I liked JSA this week. Nice to have Johns back on the book, although the fill-in guy (who was the penciler, right?) wasn’t bad at all.

I’m not saying they wouldn’t be justified in that conclusion, but I would like to see more Constantine in the mainstream DCU. :wink:

New Books for January 5, 2006:

Jonah Hex #3 Another decent single issue story, this time pairing up Jonah Hex, the ethical bounty hunter, with Bat Lash, another old school DC western character, a womanizing gambler/gunfighter. Love to see that when it comes to clientele, or those who deserve the roaring vengeance of his gunfire, Jonah doesn’t discriminate.

Seven Soldiers Frankenstein #2 Mahnke’s style fits Morrison’s take on the Monster perfectly, but what really struck me about his issue was the way the two of them worked in all sorts of great references to the depiction of Mars in previous literary treatments, like Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter books, and the Martian Manhunter’s mythology. Ah the pleasures of continuity.

Team Zero #2 The first Deathblow gathers his team, an interesting looking crew of lethal specialists. Much as I like Manhke’s rendering style, there’s still something about the inking on this title, a kind of stiffness, that I haven’t seen in his work on other books (JLA Elite, Batman, Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein) that makes his work look pretty bland. The same might be said of the finished work on the Outsiders #32 and Teen Titans #31, though in these cases, it’s the new pencillers rendering styles. After following both titles for a little over a year, I finally decided to pass on them.

Punisher MAX #29 The pieces start coming together. The outcast cops, the social worker, and Frank are now all on the same page, freeing our man to do what he does best. “God Help the Guilty.” (I was kind of surprised that Ennis and Fernando didn’t choose to alternate between the present (the woman getting her face smacked into the shatterproof glass, time after time again) with Frank’s gun battles with the Old Man and his crew, and the other scenes in the book, a la Moore (the issue where Eveyln Creme, dying, recounts his sacrifice so Miracleman could live again). It would have lent even more impact to this chapter’s end. (Of course lack of page space might have had something to do with it).

Picked up Sable & Fortune #1 for Jim Burns art, which not only suits the characters, but recalls American pulp/paperback fiction illustration styles of the early-mid-sixties. (Didn’t this artist illustrated ESPers back in the indie boom of the '80’s.) Nice work all around. I like his take on Silver Sable as a semi-benevolent spiritual descendant of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.

Supreme Power Nighthawk #5 benefits from pretty efficient storytelling. In a dialogue scene between the Clown and Nighthawk, that echoes Batman’s plea to the Joker at the end of Moore’s and Bolland’s Batman/Joker: the Killing Joke, the creative team swiftly sets up a parallel diametric opposition between the two characters, as well as introduces the child I expect will become Nighthawk’s Robin. Looking forward to the ass-kicking to come.

Late Pick Ups

Black Panther #10 and #11 I liked the way Hudlin uses Luke Cage as a point of view character this arc, narrating the story from his eyes given the Panther’s new quest, and the fact Bendis retconned him into being something of a player “(I had the Black Cat on that couch”). I also appreciated the Deodato cover and the guest appearance from Shang Chi, Master of Ass Kicking in issue #11. I’m just surprised the daughter Fu Manchu tries to push on T’Challa wasn’t Fa So Lee, who once loved Sir Denis Nayland Smith and showed up a couple of times in Shang Chi’s title before it was put to bed in the '80’s (or was it the 90’s?).

I haven’t read Hudlin’s Panther since the first story arc, so I don’t know what kind of shared past this version of the Panther and Storm are suppoed to share, but I’m not opposed to the idea of her becoming a regular part of this title, though she might have to cut ties to the Xmen to do it (and I just can’t see the Xmen Office allowing that, unfortunately). A husband and wife superhero team doesn’t have to be a bad thing,… so long as it doesn’t get as boring as Reed and Sue’s relationship.

I finally read Testament #1 I hope the parallel storytelling we see here, between the story of Abraham and Issac, and the dilemma confronting the protagonist and his father in the future/present. I hope this device continues to be a feature of the title, it’s what makes the book interesting.

Without it I’m not sure I would follow along. Since I picked up this book late I’ve avoided the discussions on the first issue. Now I wonder how people feel about the writer equating God with the Government, as seen here.

If you’re referring to Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, I’m sure they’d love to hear it from you. Their Paperfilms Forum is at:


I have a question to pick the brains of the Doper comic book enthusiasts, and I can’t seem to achieve results with Google.

The Lords of Order and Chaos.

According to Nabu, in Day of Vengeance Special, there are 9. What’s the list?

I have Shazam, Nabu, and Mordru; plus the Hawk-n-Dove empowerers. That’s five. Kismet is suggested as a 6th. Still quite short…

Teen Titans #31: Some classic funny lines from Gar. And I hope he and Raven get some downtime to talk about the kiss sometime very soon. They need to get together or I’m going to find Geoff Johns and kick him in the shins. I’ve been rooting for them since issue 1.

Kid E’s appearance was pretty cool. Particularly, his actual appearance. A nice touch, I thought.

Hate the last panels of the CC story. Hatehatehate. The story was tipped into absurdity, and kind of ruined the point it was trying to make IMO. (Then again, maybe it’s just because Abra was my favourite that I’m so torqued about it.)

JSA #81: Just the kind of issue I love. Focussing on Court, giving us a nice look into her character, and moving the overplot along a little bit. Not a whole lot to say about the story, but the art was incredible. Which I say mostly because Courtney looked like an actual 16-17 year old girl, which hasn’t been a great descriptor of her for a long while. Shade’s cameo was cool.

The inker, actually. And, yeah, I was really impressed with Champaign’s arc.

Catwoman #50: First impression: That was a lame way to explain away something that didn’t need explaining.

Second impression: OK, looking again at this story, and where it’s supposed to be going, maybe this isn’t a case of ‘fixing’ a non-existant ‘mistake’. This is just telling a story - not a bad one, at that, that happens to retcon things a little. It’s not saying it’s the only way Selina could have become a hero, it’s just that that proved a convenient springboard for a story.

Did anyone read New Excalibur #3? There was a hilarious scene where Juggernaut goes running down an alley and nearly runs over

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger as they’re presumably leaving Diagon Alley.

Interestingly, Juggernaut wasn’t included in the X-Men: The 198 Files #1 list of mutants who retained their powers but he seems to still have them.

If you think that art was cool check out the preview for next month. I can’t wait.

I liked the issue too. Yay 13 year old angst! I said hurtful stuff like that when I was his age too. Just hope he pulls it together and doesn’t go down the Obsidan-Jade-Alan Scott road. We did get a glimpse of the future about 6 months back which seems to suggest that it all works out, but futures are changeable.

I hated the cover. The shorts don’t make her look fat normally, but there she looks like she has the waist of a 40 year old mother of 3 (no offense to any moms out there, but Courtney’s rocking serious FUPA there). Body issues aside the girl on the cover just doesn’t look like Court. She looks like some girl in a Stargirl outfit, which, considering Ross’s M.O., it probably is. Compare the expression of the girl on the cover with page 2. Night and day. Credit where credit’s due: S.T.R.I.P.E. looks bad-ass. Fortunately it looks like Ross’s run of JSA covers is over with this one. He’s done some cool stuff, but this isn’t a part of it.

Juggie’s not a mutant. He’s a mystically empowered human.

I also got, this week - Marvel Zombies #2, my shop having missed my request for #1; Gotham Central #39 - building to the ultimate issue; Superman #225 - Interesting, aside from being a ‘Superman regains his confidence’ issue, it shows some chinks forming in the United Villains; and Outsiders #32 - Not bad. I may yet continue this book. Anxious to see where Arsenal’s plan goes.

Yes, and whether he gets asked to wear that outfit in the future for a bruisin’ good time. :wink: