Weekly Comic Book Discussion 10/24/2008

Since there doesn’t seem to be one running, yet…

Final Crisis - Goooood book. It’d have been better if Submit came out last week instead of this - or there was some obvious way to know to read Submit first (which I didn’t)… On the other hand, reading FC first did make reading Submit less annoying (I’d have thrown it across the room halfway through if I didn’t know in the end Tattooed Man would end up getting his head out of his ass). Ollie kicks ass at the end.

The Bludhaven splash page is…rather interesting… Specifically, Val being in her Negative Woman gear. Morrison, of all people, would know she hasn’t worn that in YEARS.

New Krypton Special - 100,000 Kryptonians loose on Earth, without knowing what we’re like…this is gonna be entertaining. The scenes with Clark and Martha mourning Jonathan were amazing…made me tear up. The scene with Lois at her father’s grave was something else entirely.

Runaways - It was entertaining watching Nico have a coronary, even before the reveal at the end. I still want to know what’s up with [del]Howard Stern[/del]Val. And, god DAMN, I love Ramos’s art. Especially Molly and Klara…Ramos does awesomely adorable kids. (His Layla Miller in NXM during Messiah Complex was great, too.)

Tangent: Superman’s Reign - I kind of miss Igle’s art, but Craig’s style added some interesting notes.

Blue Beetle - Anyone else getting a superpowered Patrick Bateman feeling from the new Dr Polaris? Also, Jaime’s dad’s discussion of the reasons for illegal immigration was awesome.

I’m still reading my stack, so more later.

My apologies. I got distracted!

Yeah, Final Crisis was very solid. :slight_smile:

DC Halloween Special - Got this because the Christmas one was fun. This? not so much. Although the Batman vs. Grundy one was good.

Trinity #21 - The alternate timeline stuff remains the most interesting; would’ve rather more of that than the retold backstories of Morgaine & Enigma (by this point, I think they could’ve assumed the readers who’d stayed to issue #21 knew the bad guy backstories)

Tangent Superman’s Reign #8 - apparently, Superman is a dick in every one of the 52 Earths.

New Krypton Special #1 - The scenes with Martha were powerful. The rest of the storyline seems annoyingly familiar. And that was a baleen whale, which would have not appeared to “eat” anything, no matter how stupid the (normally super-smart) Kryptonian was. And the scale it was drawn in was ridiculous, to boot.

Birds of Prey #123 - Great set-up last issue… ignored or delayed to tell us about the un-scariest group of bad guys, ever. Yes, child molesters are icky and awful in real life. Goofy cartoony drawings of child molesters? silly.

Blue Beetle #32 - I like this book. It is probably doomed.

Final Crisis #4 - Mister Miracle showing up pretty much sums up everything Morrison is doing here. Good stuff. Although slightly lessened that Martian Manhunter is the only dead hero on their widescreen list who Morrison was allowed to kill. One “name” hero and some guys on dalmations as a body count isn’t OMG levels yet.

Aetheric Mechanics - Warren Ellis writes Sherlock Holmes 'fic with a touch of steampunk. Awesome with a nice twist in the last pages. Highly recommended.

Also grabbed all three issues of FC: Rogue’s Revenge. Interesting take on the Rogues, good to see Piper again, and it was cool to see what it takes to be a legacy villain in the DCU, but it mostly reinforced that I don’t really care about Final Crisis proper and will be sticking to backwater titles until it blows over. Those that don’t get canceled out from under me, anyway.

Not a new comic, but I picked up all three of the Runaways hardcovers collecting BKV’s run for less than $30 total at the local used media place, so I’ll settle in with those later and see what all the fuss was about.

Aetheric Mechanics: I was a little ? when I saw Grand Fenwick. But that giant robot?

That’s from a video game. I recognize it. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army.