Weekly Comic Book Discussion 12/4/2008

Oops. A day late, but here it is.

JSA was solid, and we got a bit of Final Crisis tie-in with Batman #682.

Nothin’? Seriously? Wow.

Hey, it’s the holiday season… busy, and stuff.

Or, everyone has been posting in their own, personal thread. :wink: Maybe a merge is in order.

Anyway, I was somewhat annoyed that JSA went exactly where everyone expected it would go. Although more annoyed that I missed the Kingdom special.

Trinity seems like it has been spinning its wheels for a while, now. Although I like alternate timeline stuff, this book has had a remarkable lack of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for something marketed as focusing on those three.

Supergirl: Maelstrom has good characterization of Kal and Kara, but it coming out with the “classic” Apokalips set-up is dissonant with Final Crisis going on. Presumably going on, at least. Since it’s been who knows how long since the last Final Crisis, and probably the next not until January. Not that I’m annoyed by that, or anything. grumble

I think Final Crisis #5 comes out Wednesday. :slight_smile: