Weekly Comic Book Discussion 10/3/2008

Sorry for the belated entry, folks - my week’s been a little annoying.

Batman, Nightwing, Supergirl, JLA, Manhunter - lots of stuff out this week…

For some reason Supergirl came across as a metatextual bitching at a certain part of Fandom.

‘Yes, we screwed up when we first reintroduced Kara, we’ve realized that. If you still don’t like her, FINE, but stop using the original missteps as your criticism, dammit!’

Other books…

Batman - Supposedly would explain things…hasn’t explained anything, to my mind, though it did confirm several things I (and most people I’ve spoken to) had figured out MONTHS ago. Not a bad issue, though.

Trinity - I really hope the Dark Trinity’s world gets explored thoroughly. It looks interesting. Lois…apparently really needed Clark as a levelling force. And we’re obviously looking at pre-O’Neill Ollie, even if Roy was still an addict. Wonder whose influence that can be attributed to. I’m not a fan of most of the JSI’s costumes, though I do kind of dig the concept…conceptually. >_> Interceptor confuses me…clearly, she’s Supergirl, but…she doesn’t know Krypton? How did that work out? I really hope they explain that, or it’ll bug me forever.

Speaking of Trinity-less realities…

JLofA - I like Anansi’s universe…I wouldn’t want it to replace the real universe, but it’d be neat if it got 1602’d, and made a persistent alternate when Vixen fixes it. Interesting note I never noticed until it was pointed out elsewhere - Anansi’s Green Lantern is Xombi - McDuffie managed to sneak in the first appearance of a Milestorm character in the current mainline universe before their official introduction.

Tried out the first issue of Vixen’s new series. Art’s clean, but the story is meh. She needs somebody to bounce hero-y stuff off of in it. I like her, but still.

JLofA I also got. Liked it alot, and I’m glad her powers are fixed. Her as Amazo-lite was lame. The Anansi’s Batman was cool, but not very intimidating.

Bought the first trade of The Twelve, and I’m kinda disappointed. Too talky. Hopefully the second half will be better. Also sad that there were no cameos from other heroes.

Four Eyes - Pick of the week, easily. The Great Depression, absolutely recognizable in all its misery, with a sprinkling of dragons. I love fantastic elements grounded in realistic settings and this book is pushing all my squee buttons. Great art, engaging story. Absolutely worth a read.

Manhunter - Not digging the main plot so much, but the supporting cast still makes this book worthwhile.

Fire and Brimstone - I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be a plot here, but it got buried in the cheesecakey flashbacks. It’s pretty and funny, but jeez…this book has three times the RDA of exposed demoness hiney.

Light week for me, although I was pleased last week to find that I actually enjoyed LSH for a change.

Supergirl - Nice to see that they are finally grounding her in Clark’s continuity. I think that Lana and Cat will make good foils for Kara, and since they are rather under-used in Superman’s books, and this book desparately needs a fleshed-out supporting cast, it looks like a good fit. Thought the Harry Potter shoutout was a bit much, though.

Trinity - I’m usually a sucker for alternate-timeline stories, so this looks promising. Interceptor’s costume is rather goofy, though (not nearly as goofy as Enigma’s halfmask, still).