Weekly Comic Book Discussion 3/16/2006

Here we go. Got Majestic #15; JLA Classified #18; Bulleteer #4; Nightwing #118; Birds of Prey #92; Superman #650; Teen Titans Annual #1; Infinite Crisis Secret Files and Origins 2006; Planetary Brigade #2. Oh, and Ambush Bug : Nothing Special #1 as a back issue.

Nightwing, Superman, and Birds of Prey are all One Year Later issues.

Spoilers ensue:

Two Nightwings! Dick’s not with Barbara. Superman’s lost his powers somehow? Black Canary’s gone into deep cover for training, possibly, but the Birds have two new recruits - one who’s probably Gypsy of JL Detroit, and the other - Lady Shiva!

Teen Titans Annual #1: I’m a sucker for a love story. Excellent. Well worth the five bucks. They drew Luthor really buff and what’s with the purple suit?

Teen Titans #33: I held off at the advice of you all. It was a minor spoiler, but I’m glad I wasn’t spoiled going into Annual. Decent issue. It *did * have a hint of slash fiction in it.

Green Lantern #7: Nice twist at the end.

Superman/Shazam First Thunder #4: Very good. I loved Superman’s reaction to seeing Billy. “Who did this to you?”

Teen Titans Annual #1: The main Superboy plot was kind of Smallville, but still a pretty good read. I really like that Robin’s coming into his own here. We could have used him in New Orleans. Also a nice continuity patch on Kon’s origin (and for once, Superboy-Prime wasn’t involved!).

JLA Classified #18: Now this is just fun. It’s nice to see the JLA hanging out and being friends, in between bashing monsters. You can’t have angst all the time.

Bulleteer #4: Meh. I don’t like books where the main character is a spectator.

Infinte Crisis Secret Files and Origins 2006: Very good complement to Infinite Crisis. Pretty much what I expected, but still very well done.

OYL stuff ahead, with complementary spoilers. Some good stuff this week.

Superman #650: Pretty good. I’m not sure why we need a new Kryptonite Man. The one over in Superman/Batman is cooler.

Birds of Prey #92: Now this is interesting.

I just want to point out that Infinite Crisis Secret Files is more slash-ficcy than Teen Titans #33.

Alex takes off his suit and talks about funneling it into Superboy? Yikes.


Luthor’s been back in his 70s gear for a couple months, since…well, since he got out of his armour, actually.

Guess he figures he’s a known criminal, he might as well pick up some supervillainous trappings. I also have to admit it’s kind of growing on me. >_>

Also…I guess when they say ‘Hypertime is out’, they really, really mean it.

Birds of Prey 92 - Ventriloquist’s alive! Yay! Jade Canary’s dealing with him was…interesting to say the least.

Where did they say that about Hypertime?

As far as I can tell, it’s the same as the Bleed, which is in, according to Captain Atom and Majestic.

At the San Diego Comic-con, last year. Didio in the Crisis panel. ‘Hypertime is no longer in the DCU.’

They used to say that about Earth-2 as well. :wink:

(Cliffy hopes he’s predicted the conclusion of Infinite Crisis correctly or that joke is going to fall really flat.)

So far the only ting I’ve read is about two issues of Essential Godzilla. It’s a lot of fun; very Bronze Agey, but I like that. Moench and Trimpe do a good job of showing the big guy’s real destructive power. I don’t think Trimpe does a very good Nick Fury, but his other faces are fine and his strengths (landscapes, machinery, and a big chubby dinosaur) really fit the title.


It’s not related to anything that came out this week, but I wanted to say that I totally figured out what’s going on with Billy and his brother over in “Young Avengers”.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion.

Yo yo nigga

Runaways #17 - We finally get to see the other side of Alex’s story, going all the way back to issue #1. Fascinating! I always kind of assumed that his MMORPG partners were just some generic teens, but it looks like they’re going to end up being the new pride. Is that Alex’s dad that they accidentally “resurrected?” Remember, Nico actually already cast a resurrect spell on Alex…maybe he’s hiding out somewhere?

Nightwing 118 - Yes! Take that obnoxious 'shippers! Mwahaha! (I’d only be relieved they didn’t end up together, as I think they’d be a disasterous couple, if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of the 'shippers for them are LOUD and obnoxious.) Beyond that…the twin Nightwings thing went where it was expected to…Cheyenne looks interesting…Dick is a major man-slut…

Infinite Crisis Secret Files: Let me save you six dollars.
Superboy Prime: Wah! I never got a chance to grow up. spoiler: Fear my continuity changin’ fists!
Alexlander Luthor: Wah! I never got a childhood!
Lois-2: Meh. I’m old. Shit happens.
Supes-2: Wah! I won’t let you die!
Nice Blue Beetle cameo and shout-out to Emerald Dawn 2 (there’s a picture of Hal Jordan in jail), though.

For you BB Vodoo Lou: Blue Beetle: spoiler: After Superboy Prime absorbs Alexlander Luthor’s precious bodily fluids and Hulk-smashes his way out of paradise he flies over Blue Beetle who says, “Superman!?! Its’ me, Blue Beetle!” Supeboy Prime ignores him and flies off and Beetle mutters, "Typical. Nobody cares.

Superman #650: Interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

Bulleteer was awesome on toast. Unlike Menocchio, I tend to enjoy comics in which the main character is a spectator; Invisibles v.1 #12 being the ultimate example (unsurprisingly, thematically similar to this issue). I thought learning Sally Sonic’s secret origin was heartbreaking. Plus it was important to give her an issue of her own because (and this is pure speculation on my part), I think Sally is the one who’s going to die in Seven Soldiers #1.


Yep, that’s his dad, we see him being called by that name earlier in the issue. Although, given how he looks and him not knowing who Alex is, it seems they’ve brought back teenage Daddy. Presumably it didn’t work on Alex because like you say, he’s probably not dead.

Also, I want that MMORPG!