Weekly Comic Book Discussion 6/16/2005

Here we go, ladies and germs.

New Ex Machina this week, starting a new arc; new Powers, too. Conan’s little mini-series wraps up; and The Authority : Revolution keeps coming around.

The big news, of course, is Day of Vengeance #3. Interesting take on Cap’s power source; we at least check in with uber-mystical folks like Zatanna and Green Lantern, and learn the Phantom Stranger wasn’t quite so dealt-with as the Spectre might have hoped, but he still stays sidelined. Oh, and Blackbriar Thorn isn’t quite dead yet.

Birds of Prey #83: Business in Singapore gets wrapped up, business in Gotham heats up, and Babs feels really guilty after blowing off Ted. She should. Bitch. Well, she’s got Superman’s second greatest nemesis inside her like a cancer. That can always get you down. Once, I had a bad case of Doctor Octopus on the knee. I was such a bastard then. Seriously folks, a good read.

JLA Classified #8: See, BoP made me feel sorry for Beetle all over again. This makes me kinda glad he snuffed it. Meh.

Batman Dark Detective #4: Normally, I’m not so keen on people dicking around with Batman’s origin. But this kinda worked.

Day of Vengeance #4: This series finally clicked for me. The ending was cliched, but I’m a sucker for that paticular one. So, that’s it, right? Eclipso’s down, Cap’s about to lay the smack down. There can’t possibly be any more complications. So I guess the next three issues are just Ragman hitting on Enchantress, right?

GLA #3: Dr. Doom has his worst revenge ever! Great OMAC parody as well. I’m loving this. I’d really like to see it as a ongoing series.

Klarion #2: Ooh! Crossovery! More occult strangeness. Fun.

Well Enchantress isn’t looking too good, er, that is she may not be able to hold out much longer and there is no sign of the Black Diamond. My prediction: the Diamond is stuck in Ragman’s, er, rags and the as yet unnamed magical team will have to deal with the wrath of thousands of eclipsed souls.

I’m really liking Detective Chimp in Day of Vengance. He’s fun…or drunk, whatever.

#&@$@*&#!!! I missed out again!!! Just when I’d finally gotten caught up with the reprints of all the miniseries issues I’d missed, and it seemed like the local comics store finally had its act together and was getting in enough copies of the new issues, I walked in this afternoon and DOV3 was sold out. Bastards! I heard the clerk give another disappointed customer some feeble line about how DC hadn’t promoted the series adequately so they hadn’t ordered enough. Og almighty! How the hell much more could DC possibly hype these titles?

At least I got Klarion #2. Now that’s what I’d been expecting to see in Seven Soldiers all along: links among the different series. Cool!

I only got JLA Classified #8. Meh. At this point I’m only buying it to support the creators, not because I’m loving the storyline. This has been a major disappointment.

JLA Classified - You folks say what you will, I really enjoyed Beetle’s Amnesia. The dialogue was fantastic. And Captain Marvel as a lisping whipping boy? Funn-y.

Seven Soldiers : Klarion - my favorite of the Seven Soldiers books so far. It has a really sinister air. It also occurs to me that the Zatanna books have a link to Guardian and Klarion - Zee’s new apprentice has a magical six-sided die as well.

Manhunter - We get nods to the Power Company AND Cameron Chase in this issue; The Power Company loses its resident Manhunter.

GLA - Just Classic. Poor Monkey Joe.

Cable and Deadpool - Still the most-fun ongoing series at Marvel.

So if Captain Marvel has a lithp, how does he say his magic word?

Just two this week.

GLA: That looks a lot more like Ultimate Dr Doom than 616. Considering the title of the issue is “Mistaken Identity Crisis”, I’m hoping that means that the Doom that Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe took out back in Marvel Comics Presents was a fake. Still…what is the GLA mortality rate now? 45%?

Spider-Man: Breakout: I’m glad it’s about over. I wanted to like it, but as a New Avengers tie-in, it’s pretty boring.

Back on GLA, has Death Urge always traveled on skis, ala that DC Death character (Scarlet Skier or whatever that Kirby guy is called)?

Thimple. He traded the wisdom of Solomon for the wisdom of Thoth.

That would be the Black Racer, Max.

GLA note: This may be the only extra-FF appearance of Fleshy Armor Doom, ever.

Hero Camp: Ehhhhh. Not all that interested.

Astro City: Dark Age: Oh, man. Now I want issue 2. (That is not the Eternal Shame. YET.) Interesting look at the clean up job from the… ah, more creative, and less plausable supervillian encounters. In the 60s, this was Metropolis EVERY 30 days.

Klarion: Dah dah DAH! Eh. Plot moved along.

Day of Vengance: We have supercharged the Enchantress. What happens when the Enchantress uses her power too much?
Lemme hear a “Oh, shit!”

Batman Dark Detective: Really enjoying the HECK out of this. Dr. Double X! Dr. Ecks! If only the Ten Fingered Man would show!

Batman Begins comic: Held together, surprisingly.

That new Imagey thingy with the glow… Wildsiderz. Trying WAY too hard.

With panache.


DON’T! When you buy comics you don’t like, it makes it harder for me to get good comics. Please stop.


Normally I’m against doing the same thing, but I owe the very fact that I still love comic books after 25 years to Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire, and I swore many years ago that if they ever reunited on JLI, I’d follow it. Plus, I only buy 2-4 new comics every month (as opposed to back issues), it’s essentially only a miniseries, and I keep holding out hope they’ll tie everything together with a nice payoff in the final issue.

I just picked up House of M #1 yesterday. Don’t read many comics these days, but I had been for decades, and I must say that I was more than a little interested in this take on Wanda, as dark as it was. I’m a sucker for alternate reality stories anyway, as well as ‘realistic’ storylines. This seems to be a bit of both. I believe I’ll be picking up some of the rest of this series/crossover.

Oh, I really liked House of M Spidey. Including a certain man with a moustache, brother. He made the comic, brother!

Birds of Prey: I wasn’t a huge fan of the bits in Singapore, but I did enjoy the Huntress’s part. Maybe I need to read this more to understand exactly what’s going on. Brainic virus? Has Brainic been watching too much Star Trek: TNG? Will Babs get implants and wander around in skin tight outfits from now on.

Adventures of Superman: It just keeps getting better. I’m disappointed that they’re doing another arc spanning the three Super books. The CM/Supes arc was fine and it set up some IC stuff, but it also broke up the Ruin arc. Sigh. At least this crossover is about Ruin, I think.

Is Ed Benes still drawing it? If so, I think you’ve got your answer. :wink:


Hey wait, when did HoM:Spidey come out? Or did you just get a preview copy. Didn’t see it on Diamond’s shipping lists or on my comic stand.