Weekly Comic Book Discussion 7/17/2008

It’s that time again!

New issue of Incredible Herc is fun. Final Crisis : Rogues’ Revenge looks awesome.

Last issue of Sky Doll came out. Very quirky and fun.

Trinity - The forestory is picking up again, although there’s still problems. Clearly, we’re into a real where speculation will be hard, since we’re going very much off of the real history of the Tarot. (‘It’s not the Zodiac.’ Heh.) Though the back-up is a bit info-dumpy, it did it well.

Rogue’s Revenge - Oh, Piper, your motives are good, but your methods are really only making things harder on you. I want to see him confront Axel more than I want to see him confront Inertia. Speaking of…oh, man, Thad’s gone completely off the deep end.

Superman’s Reign - Ol’ Harvey’s gone nuts, clearly. So has Powergirl. (I noticed he called her May…do we know any Mays on New Earth?) Glad to finally see Plastic Man (one of my favourite Tangents characters), though I’d like to see him a little more active. I do hope Lantern, Hex, and Jenny’s teams hook up at some point. To the backup…the Joker’s defacing that billboard MUST be a callback to the Dark Knight promotional materials. (We know this Joker doesn’t believe in Harvey Dent, though. >_>)

Joker’s Asylum - Poison Ivy - Ivy’s not right in the head, but we already knew that. I would have expected her to go after these guys a lot earlier than she did, apparently, though. The Joker’s bits were awesome. I wish this were an ongoing series. There’s so many Batrogues, with so many opportunities for one-off stories in each of them.

I like how Trinity will be linked to the JLA/Avengers crossover.

Well, it IS Buseik writing, after all.

Dreamwar - We find out when the Amazons and JSA are from. (Sort of.) And that shrinking isn’t always a very good superpower. Also, anyone know the identity of the dude in the bondage getup Hawkman brains? (First actual Wildstorm casualty?)

Birds of Prey - Undead Gizmo fails to be creepier than Live Gizmo. Last page…well, there goes the Silicon Syndicate’s ability to work quietly…with him gunning for them, well, subtlety’s not exactly his forte. Well, I suppose he could blanket Platinum Flats in Smilex, and just kill everyone, but that’s not his style, either.

Trinity #7 - so. “Egyptian tarot symbols.” I see we’ll be in comicbookland for this one, then. Batman’s freak-out seemed a bit out of character, and the backup this issue was mainly a recap. Still better than Countdown.

Tangent: Superman’t Reign #5 - I understand the motive behind letting the JLA getting punked, but I really wish some writer would resist that temptation, some day.

Birds of Prey #120 - Infinity? new? Undead Gizmo wasn’t really interesting, but that last page reveal was.