Weekly Comic Book Discussion 7/24/2008



I’m happy. :smiley:

Ambush Bug - yay!

Trinity - at last the bad guys do something other than Greek chorus. sheesh. however, everyone is still doing too much talking-head mumbo-jumbo about the “trinity”. alright, already; we get it, move on. the supporting cast interaction was the best part of this.

Superman - liked the Krypto bit last issue, and the Krypto conversation in this one, but the rest just isn’t holding my interest. the retro style artwork pages were nice, though.

Legion of Super-Heroes - ugh. an author’s inserted character who is not a member of the LSH saves the day when none of the LSH are able, while all the LSH stand around and look amazed or impressed. this crap isn’t even a step above fanfic anymore; it is fanfic.

Brave & Bold - the Boston Brand - Nightwing circus interaction was nice, but the artwork… not so much.

GL Corps - really? that was the outcome they were working toward? Mother Mercy as a green lantern, really? and I’m going to miss Bzzd; he hadn’t really been developed enough yet.

Dude, don’t be so cynical. Shooter may be going somewhere with the kid genius type. Just because a character looks, for an issue, like a Mary Sue doesn’t mean he IS one.

I loved the B&B art, but I’m a fan of Scott Kolins. The Legion art, on the other hand, sucked rocks this week.

I’m horribly, horribly disappointed with Robinson’s Superman run so far.

He doesn’t even seem to be TRYING to get Clark’s voice - or Lois’s, in this issue, or Hal’s last issue.

I did like Jimmy’s bit about Superman’s morning. Though it would have been better in someone else’s mouth…Jimmy’s known him too long.

Trinity - I really like the Etta/Diana conversation. I can’t help but think the last bit was a poke at the people complaining about WW’s direction (since it was put in their mouths)…but maybe I’m wrong…even the people who complain most about writers ‘insulting’ them, who are reading, and complaining about, the book, aren’t up in arms about it.

If he is going somewhere, it should have passed by someplace that this Marty Stu didn’t turn up as the only competent one around while the Legionnaires are floundering about. Even Brainy couldn’t have managed to figure out how to get the UP off their backs?

Especially galling since Shooter has been playing up the LSH as nincompoops in general. Lyle got a moment this issue, but Garth has been useless, Irma indecisive, and Brin is being written like a hairtrigger Wolverine knockoff.

Going somewhere isn’t an excuse for bad writing. I’d’ve been fine with another addition to the LSH cast – quite a few of their supporting cast has been MiA lately – but not when the only person spotlighted center stage is the new addition.

About Nightwing’s strategy in The Brave and The Bold,

[spoiler]Okay, so he lures all the other superheroes into another dimension so that they won’t be taken over by these evil hero-possessing ghosts, right? But he leaves Hawkman untouched so that he can take advantage of Hawkman’s ancient mystical knowledge.

So why not let Red Arrow in on the plan as well? After all, Roy Harper is no physical juggernaut – certainly not in the same league as Superman, Green Lanter, or WW (so to speak). He was also the longtime crimefighting partner of the guy they were trying to rescue, which would make him a logical addition to their team. What’s more, having another sharpshooter around would have been handy – y’know, just in case Ollie had been too physically disabled to help out with the final stage of their plan.

M’rissey wasn’t really ‘center’ stage, he appears on a couple of pages and helps resolve one of the many dilemmas. Garth has been portrayed as a nincompoop without administrative skills because that’s a story arc. Brainiac Five, Lyle, Cham, Ultra Boy… lots of people have had good, competent use during this arc.

And I don’t see Imra as indecisive at all.

I agree about GL Corps. Mongol as head of the Sinestros was awesome, they really should have done more with him. Though wasn’t the conjoined guy already a SC member? I remember him waaay back when they first turned Kyle into Parallax.

Also picked up new Thunderbolts. Pretty eh, but maybe that’s because I don’t care about Captain Marvel.

New Initiative was very sweet. I liked the concept of Crusader when they first introduced him, and Slott really makes you feel for the guy. A breakout star, perhaps.

[spoiler]Dick didn’t send the heroes off solely for HIS protection, he sent them off for THEIR protection. The phantom assassins kill their hosts, which is why Deadman possessed Ollie for most of last issue. Keeping them from taking over Superman and pounding his ass is a bonus, but he mostly did it to keep them from killing every hero on Earth.

I don’t think Dick would be willing to put Roy in the way of them without having a much better reason than ‘what if Ollie’s out of the game?’. And Ollie’d kick his damned ass if he did, too.[/spoiler]

Ambush Bug - Some amusing gags, for sure, but the base joke is worn very thin.

Uncanny X-Men - I’m all the more confused about how X-Force fits in with the other books…and the Land art is terrible (I do like the Dodson sections). But aside from those issues (one of which is actually an issue with X-Force, not Uncanny), I really enjoyed this issue. Good place to jump back in. Also - Pixie!

Two-Face: Year One - Very, very good. One minor thing nagged at me, though…it’s been years since I read the Long Halloween, and I’ve <shameful admission>never read Gotham Central</sa> so maybe this is just carried over from those, but I don’t remember ever seeing this Cohen guy before, which is slightly odd, given the other two cops Gordon and Dent recruited were Maggie Sawyer and Harvey Bullock. So I can’t help but think he’s going to meet a bad end. (I thought at Wells’ hands, until the last page.)