Weekly Comic Book Discussion 10/17/2008

Here we go!

I really, really enjoyed this week’s Jimmy Olsen special. Even if it did kill off a few characters I liked, it brought back some others, and Jimmy’s characterization has never been more pitch-perfect.

Final Crisis : Rogues’ Revenge - I approve. I have the sudden idea that Libra is Eobard Thawne.

Final Crisis : Legion of Three Worlds - As a whole, A-. Johns’ ear for Brainiac 5 and Superboy Prime dialogue, though, leaves something to be desired. And the last panel is… silly. (Look at it, and picture this phrase : “Hello, Oa! Are you ready to ROCK?”) I really don’t like the idea that we’re only going to have one Legion after this.

Brave & Bold #18 - Maybe it’s just that, after reading Supergirl, I am far beyond origin-storied-out for Kara. But this story was rather meh.

Trinity #20 - It took a while to get moving, but I’ve warmed up to this story. However, it does seem to be telling a story now that is essentially an Elseworlds or Alternate Earth story – of which there have been no shortage of lately.

JSA #19 - Such as. Nice that Alan calls Gog on his deliberately simplistic attitude, but the entire conflict here seems rather contrived (which may be intentional). Rather annoying that Johns is using the same theme here as in Legion of the Three Worlds, though.

Booster Gold #13 - The whole thing is fun: characters, set-up, plotlines. Nice having Michelle as the neophyte superheroine like Booster used to be, and Daniel as the goofball (like Booster used to be), showing a contrast with how Booster has developed.

Legion of Three Worlds #2 - I knew who that’d be as soon as the hand caught the ring, but very much like the legiony feel to the whole thing. Even a riff on the “5 Years After” storyline (no longer canon, alas) with Mordru. It is rather annoying that it is here where the current LSH remembers that they’re rebellious teen punks who don’t trust adults, though, since they seem to have forgotten to touch on that lately in their own book.

Wow, these threads are becoming sparsely populated. :wink:

Brave & Bold: It was a lot more fun under Mark Waid and George Perez – or for that matter, Mark Waid and Jerry Ordway.

Flash - So we know why Wally’s powers are malfunctioning. Hopefully he’ll figure it out and fix it before the book ends. I hate the thought of him being stuck at <Mach 1. Especially with Barry coming back.

JSA - I’m not crazy about this storyline. Team infighting is old and the founders know each other too well to let something like Gog split them. The Power Girl plot however, is interesting. Apparently New Earth-2 is very similar to her Earth-2 but it’s not the same world.

Fables - I imagine Prince Charming will show up again as the ruler of one of the recently “freed” worlds and probably won’t be totally friendly to Fabletown.

Rather odd since there seem to be an awful lot of comics experts in the Heroes threads (not just meaning the Usual Suspects of these threads).

I’m about 2 months behind. This is a coming attractions thread.

I’m behind too. I have a short box labeled “To Be Read,” and it’s rarely empty. I’m not really reading much that’s rocking my world right now, either. Plenty of serviceable stuff, but very little awesome.

I’m not behind, I just don’t have much to say this week. >_>

I can afford to buy comics, but I can’t afford to buy all of them. These all-encompassing crossover events have crushed my enthusiasm. I don’t care who’s a Skrull. I don’t give a rat’s ass who shot Captain America. I no longer have any interest in whether the multiverse collapses or not. I will pay for a comic book that contains 1/5 or 1/6 of a story arc. But I am less motivated to pay for a comic book that only contains 1/625 of a company-spanning mega-event.

I did pick up Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen, though. Because Jimmy Olsen is cool, dammit.

First, I didn’t even see the thread when it was created. Second almost everything I read these days are trades and not even recent trades in 95% of cases. I mean if you want to know my thoughts on Lone Wolf and Cub volume 8 I suppose I could share but it’s either thirty years out of date if you read it in Japan, twenty years out of date if you read the First comics releases, or five years out of date if you kept up on the Dark Horse releases.

Personally, I would be happy to hear what others arereading, even if it’s older stuff. If I haven’t read it, it’s new to me. And if I have, I’m still interested in hearing what others thought of it.

For instance, I finally read the run of Y: The Last Man a few months ago. I thought it was good, not great. It definitely felt like it was written by a man who maybe took some women’s studies courses, or knew someone who did. I mean, I knew for a fact it was written by a man, but it really felt like it while I was reading it. I like Vaughn in general, but I wasn’t super-duper blown away by the book the way it seemed like a lot of people were when it was coming out. All I ever heard was, “Oh, it’s SO great.” And it was merely quite good, and a fast read in trade format.

I just read that the Legion of Super Heroes is being canceled (again) with issue #50. Does anyone know what the future holds for my all-time favorite super group?

Avengers #4: Holy cow! They killed Bucky! Bucky’s dead!

I believe local Comic Book Guy mentioned that after the Legion of Three Worlds concludes, there will be only one LSH. His assumption was that there would be an ongoing LSH book, but it would probably be based on the Geoff Johns continuity seen recently in Action and the L3W books.

I don’t know what local CBG based this on, however. Seems likely, though, since the current LSH sales have been declining, and the Action LSH issues apparently sold very well.

It’ll never last.

Does anyone read or care about LSH who wasn’t a fan of them back in the day (whenever that was)? I’ve tried and tried to read the book and care about those characters, but I give up. The only time I wasn’t put to sleep by it was during the arc a few months back where Superman was in the 30th century with them and it was all about how great their friendship was for the young Superboy and how important the Superman legacy continued to be, etc. But that wasn’t really about the LSH, it was abot Superman. Once he was gone, I didn’t care anymore. Am I the only one? I guess not if the book’s sales aren’t great.

I also don’t really want to read more about the new Kryptonians and all the bottled city people running around now. I’m off the Super-books until this business goes away or fades into the background.

I’m an LSH fan from way back. My first Legion story was the giant-sized reprint of Mordru’s first appearance. I was hooked, and have followed since (with some gaps for varied reasons).

Still a Legion fan. I actually really like the direction Shooter’s taking with them. It was something new, not yet another rehash.

Right now, I’m reading Blackhawk #110, ca 1957 or so.

I’m a LSH fan from way back, liked the 5-years-after storyline (up to a point), liked the reboot (up to a point), like the threeboot (up to a point…).

But the current LSH book really declined after they strayed from its original premise of teenage rebellion. Even though they brought in Supergirl, and changed writers, it’s been lackluster for a while now. Which I’ve often opined in these threads.

I think another LSH restart that links back to the old timey LSH nostalgia might recapture some readers. Up to a point, of course.

Sounds like you’re all veteran LSH readers. So nobody here knows anyone who started reading it recently and actually got into it?