Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/10/2006

Here 'tis. Still reading mine.

A whole boat-load of Annihilation spoilers.

[spoiler]The most obvious resolution would be Silver Surfer and Galactus flying in to save the day. That got squashed right here. Annihilus and co. spanked them pretty good.

Thanos schemes. Is this a spoiler?

Gamora and Nova? Booty call, yo.

Super Skrull bit the big one.

Annihilus ate Quasar, or something, and now has his quantum bands.

Anyone but me remember that Annihilus, aka the Death that Walks, aka the Terror of a Thousand Worlds, used to be macking on Blink in her 2000 mini? Ah, Annihilus. You’ve come a long way for a bug guy with an obvious phallic substitute.[/spoiler]

Martian Manhunter - Meh. Meh meh meh. Not horrible, but not really good, either. Just…there. The story has potential, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be lived up to. Oddly, my strongest reaction was ‘He’s a shape-shifter, you moron!’ (If you’ve read the book, you know the scene.)

Superman - Lana and Pete are broke up? :frowning: Pretty good, overall…but how is Clark going to explain not being on the plane?

Fables - The main story is OK, but not remarkable. My main thought is ‘poor Fly’. The backup story, though, was a lot of fun. ‘He thinks you’re a small community of Amish women.’ Heh.

Ultimate Spiderman Annual - Speedball! That is all.

Fables as a good read; I’m with you on Manhunter’s mini. Feh. Picked up Firestorm because of guest-starring Pozhar… picked up Ms. Marvel because it’s got the Shroud in it. The SHROUD!

Frontline is meh this week, but it reinforces the nastiness with which the Act is being enforced… picked up the Aniihilation Nova Corps Files - again, feh.

Got Green Arrow because I’m eager to jump in and see the flashback to the missing island time…

JSA Classified - eh. It’s been a very mediocre story. Isn’t Fortune dead?

Secret Six was pretty good. She-Hulk rocks as usual. Superman features a really unexpected guest-star.

Oh, and 52. Mostly Question/Montoya and Steel this week.

I guess he got lucky.

What I’m disliking about this story, mostly (aside from the fact it’s a continuation of the JLA Classified story that just ended), is the way Star and Vixen are acting. They’re both utter bitches. Sure the Detroit League doesn’t get a lot of respect, but Star of all people being so damned rude to her elders, and Vixen being so dismissive of the JSA? Yeah. Also, Star insisting that her dad wasn’t a bad man? Last time we saw he dealing with him at all, she’d come to accept he was a scumbag, even if he was still her daddy.