Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/2/2007

Here 'tis.

I enjoyed Countdown this week quite a bit, but the all-time champion for my favorite comic book has to be this week’s Atom.

**Action Comics #853:**Well, at least it had a monkey in it. And hey, I didn’t expect to see him! That’s a pleasant addition.

Jonah Hex #22: The first Edison vs Tesla story I’ve read that wasn’t rabidly pro-Tesla. I am *very *disappointed that at no point did Jonah fight a steampunk robot.

Welcome to Tranquility #9: Now here’s an awesome take on Jonah Hex.

(Green Arrow’s girlfriend) Black Canary #3: If Ollie is trying to do what I think he’s doing (and to be fair, I do so seem possible alternatives or outs), then he’s moved past “Pre-Infinite Crisis Batman” and fast approach “Post-Cvil War Iron Man” on the superhero dickishness scale. Didn’t care for this at all.

Detective Comics #835: I can kind if see where the Scarecrow was due for a reimagining, but seriously guys, “can hypnotize you” isn’t a significant upgrade from “has psychotropic gases”.

The All-New Atom #14: Stupid jetpack Hitler! Love it. Blue Beetle fans be aware. Ted Kord has an appearance… Kinda.
Countdown #39:**Still digging it. Still don’t care about Karate Kid, but they’ve got me on Holly, the Challangers and the Rogues so I’m in.

As my Comic Store Guy said, it was a good DC week.

Countdown #39 - Art improved (no ginormous boobs on all the women), plotting improved (stuff happened), writing was okay… I actually kinda liked this issue, maybe the first Countdown I’d say that of. Liked the end cameo(s). Also, liked that the backup feature was actually new information, rather than a re-cap of something that all of Countdown’s readers already damn well know. And I’m wondering what the Earth of Pornstache Monitor is like…

Supergirl #20 - Okay story, and people aren’t as dumb in this one as they seem to be in all the other Amazons Attack crossovers. But I far prefer the Brave & the Bold Supergirl, still.

Action Comics #853 - Glad to see him show up, too.

All-New Atom #14 - Great fun, nice to see the Head, great writing, and nice to see that Simone is actually moving the Dean plot ahead even amidst all the crossover hijinks. I’ll have to find a way to work “I’d like to squeeze your unmentionables,” into my conversations.

JSA* #8 - Not only am I liking this run of JSA, but there is actually another editor’s note! Somebody at DC still knows how to do them! Now, if they’d just start putting them into Countdown where they really need 'em…

About this week’s Black Canary, and what I think Ollie is up to:

[spoiler]There’s no way he would fake Sin’s death without Dinah’s knowledge. It wouldn’t be possible. He’s the one who brought up the extent of her contacts; she’s the leader of the Justice League and buddies with Oracle. Where the hell could he hide Sin that she couldn’t be found by those resources? When Ollie said he would have to break Dinah’s heart, I think he was hatching a plan to fake Sin’s death with Dinah’s knowledge and assistance. There’s no way someone with an essentially open identity like Dinah can keep a hot property like Sin in any kind of normal, domestic situation. She’s going to lose Sin, who they’ll place with someone who is very off-the-radar yet qualified to take good care of her.

Also, they’re going to a lot of trouble to publicize Dinah and Ollie finally getting hitched. If he faked Sin’s death on his own (which would make zero sense, as above), we would all be waiting for the other show to drop and Dinah to find out, which would negate most of the interest in that storyline. So there’s no way he’s doing that.[/spoiler]

You’ve seen the interview where the editors make clear that it’s never going to happen?

New Avengers: Illuminati #4 might be the best single issue of anything Bendis has written to date. It hits all the right notes: Amazing dialogue, a solid understanding of superhero politics, an obscure character saved from his slide into limbo… The art was first-rate, too (although the inking was a little flat). Just wish we’d seen a little more of the ladies on the cover in the actual story.

Heard about it; still think it’s stupid not to have 'em.

They’ve got too many crossovers going on, and they’re not doing a good job of recapping in Countdown. Without editors’ notes, they’re essentially targeting the very small population that buys all of DC’s books (since they’re the only ones who’ll know what the heck is going on). And I doubt that even the regulars of these threads fall into that group; I know I don’t.

Plus, directing readers to pick up Flash for the rogues’ backstory, or JLA/JSA for Karate Kid’s would, maybe, boost sales of other books. And the All-New Atom could probably use the help an ed. note saying “pick up #XXX for the robot-riding monkeys!” would give.

Yeppers. Editor’s notes, when used properly, can enhance the reading experience rather than detract from them.

I wanted to pick up Illuminati (New Avengers) but I was away from my collection and I hate buying two copies of things I already have (unless it’s pre-1985). Anyway, I bought the latest Y the Last Man where Yorrick and Beth are talking, mostly naked in the issue. When comics used to cost $1, I didn’t mind the lack of plotting. The story was still interesting, but nothing really happened that couldn’t be explained in two or three pages. While I agree that Yorrick has matured, and is a different man than Beth wanted to break up with, he is still a bit of a hypocrite.

Oh, I agree completely. I just wanted to make sure that you know that DC has explicitly rejected it.

Let’s see - got Ms. Marvel because it has Aaron Stack - AKA Machine Man, in full Nextwave mode.

The Atom is all kinds of awesome. I want this book to last forever.

The New Warriors - the relaunch continues to intrigue me, but they better start definitely answering some of the mystery questions next issue, or I’m done.

Fantastic Four - Nice. Just nice.

She-Hulk - If not for Atom, this would be my pick of the week. Very meta.

New Avengers : Illuminati - Kinda fun, I guess.

Welcome to Tranquility - Still enjoying this one.

Nightwing - Wolfman still doing a good job here; Nightwing/Capt Boomerang - a good transitional issue for the Outsiders.

Metal Men - Woo!

Action Comics - I dig Mr. Action. He’s cool.

Detective - Scarecrow gets his due. Nice.

Supergirl - The new direction is full steam ahead, and I like it, so far.

JSA - Jesse Quick gets some proper respect.

Help me out on New Avengers: Illuminati. Nohr-var (or whatever his name is) is looking to be Captain Marvel. But they re-introduced Mar-vell in Civil War (and haven’t used him since). Color me confused.

Also, in WWH, how did Hulk crush Strange’s hands?

I can’t help you out on Illuminati, except to confirm everything you said. I missed WWH, picking it up tomorrow.