Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/26/2004

Still no She-Hulk. Maybe next week. Sigh.

Legion #38 - Wraps up the blackout plot - seemed kinda sudden, but definitely plausible. Some clever ideas explored in this last issue of the run. Next we see the Titans/Legion special, and then the new Legion of Super-Heroes #1 will hit the stands.

Authority TPBs, Vol 4 and 5 - In case there are a few of you who didn’t know, I love the Authority. They rock.

More to come.

I haven’t had a chance to read everything yet. However I would like to say regarding Amazing Spider-Man 511 that I totally called it.

Astonishing X-Men #4: I did not see that coming.

Why can’t this week’s title be spread out across the month? Seems I’m bunching up. Oh well…

Astonishing X-Men: Okay, I knew he was dead. Quite some time ago, unless I’m mistaken. However, I like it. He’s the perfect compliment to this team, and much, MUCH better than the teaser suggestions marvel.com was putting out (Phoenix, Psylocke, Longshot). 'Nother good issue.

Excalibur: Thank god this story arc is over so I can stop buying this book. It’s intriguing that they’ve “captured” an omega sentinel, and the dialogue between X and Magneto could have been really interesting, but God this book sucks.

Sleeper: I need to reread 'em. The panelling confuses the bejebus out of me, and I get lost. I have a feeling this title works REALLY well when read all together.

Ult. Fantastic Four: Great book. I was never interested in the FF before - too kiddish/cartoony for me. But this book pokes fun at that.

War Games: I think someone here already guessed it was Spoiler’s fault. Very good, nonetheless. It may add Batman to my regular list. It also makes me pissed that I didn’t win the complete Brubaker Catwoman run (+2 trades) that was up on eBay this week.

Somebody Spoil Ast. X-Men #4, please?

Sleeper, Vol. 2, #3 - I like it. I’ll have to buy the first volume in TPB form.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #10 - Hee. “You Fantasti-suck!”

Ast. X-Men:

Collossus is back.

He is? Golly gosh! A comic-book character back from the dead? Lordy loo! What a precedent to set! :wink:

Anyway, I’ve caught up with all the comic books I was interested in last year so I’m swearing off for another year. It’s the only way I don’t get frustrated by how little happens month to month. Heck, it only took me 2 half days to read the entire Preacher run and that was, what, 6 years of issues?

So, yes, ciao!

Ultimate Fantastic Four: Ellis is really doing a great job. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to tone down his normal ‘adults only’ style, but he’s really doing a great job. Pacing is slow like Bendis’ style, but it doesn’t feel like ‘talking heads’ as much. One thing I really don’t care for though is Van Damme. He just is an uninteresting character. Granted, he has some mighty big shoes to fill, and he appears to be amassing himself a little country within a country, but he just doesn’t instill me with the same awe that the 616 Doom does. He borders on fatasti-sucking.

Amazing Spider-Man: Thank goodness Spidey addressed my thoughts about the assailants’ age. That has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. I’m also a little disappointed to learn that little tidbit of Pete and Gwen’s relationship. You’ll know the one I mean. Also, I’m really loving the art. It’s such a change from JR JR. but it’s one I think was needed. Love both styles, but it’s good to have something new.

Conan: Mr. Busiek, why are you wasting my time?

4: New artist and writer who obvously do not get the concept.

Authority: More Kev: Ah yes. Recently though, I’ve found Ennis to be out of ideas. This is funny enough, probably funnier since I don’t read Authority regularly.

Following Cerebus: Mr. Sim, if you need the cash, please just tell us. This is the sort of thing that thinks it’s too clever by half and is really not clever at all. Poor writing, uninteresting essays. The interviews are good though (even when the question isn’t the best, Sim/Gerhard manage to make them interesting). Unfortunately, they really only parallel the notes at the end of the volumes/essays in the back of the book. At best it’s an “if you weren’t there…” sort of thing.

What was wrong with Conan? I thought this issue was a wonderful transition piece to the next storyline.

Green Lantern. I hate Ron Marz. Hate him, hate him, hate him. What a repetative, no-talent hack. The “twist” event in this week’s book is beneath reproach.

May Ron Marz burn in Hell forever, and never touch a character I like again.

Sleeper Season 2 #3. More Sleeper goodness. I’m really hoping that:

What Lynch is dangling in front of Holden is something more interesting than the removal of the Bleed organism

I’ve also said from the first issue:

Miss Misery isn’t going to last the season

and it certainly looks like Brubaker is setting the stage for that. Munch, your guess is absolutely correct - this series reads a whole lot better in collected form than in singles. Normally I WFTT, but with this one I just can’t help myself. I don’t expect this season to be as great as the last, but it’s still one of only two series (Rex Mundi being the other) that’s getting me to drag my tired self to the shop every month.
Route 666 vol 1. My LCS is holding a half-off sale on CrossGen TPBs, so I picked this up. I had read some of the later issues from a friend, and got the general idea, but figured it would make more sense to start at the beginning. I’m not expecting brilliance, but like most CrossGen books it’s pretty, and at half-off, appealing.
Finder: Mystery Date - I love and adore this sadly underrecognized series. I had read most of Mystery Date in the disconnected singles and photocopies the author was selling a couple of years ago. Somehow, when read in collected form, the pacing didn’t quite click as well as I had hoped. Still, it’s a ton of fun and I can’t complain a bit.

Wonderful in that nothing interesting happened to move the plot forward, just stuff to save him space in the next issue. OK, Conan leaves Hyperborea, that would be obvoius if they started the next issue in Nemedia or wherever with a caption about the trip. OK, he’s jaded and doesn’t trust people. This issue does save Busiek 10 pages (the way he writes) in the next issue, but that’s no excuse for the other 12 pages or so of wasted space. Fucking hell. For all the great talent that Busiek supposedly possesses, he couldn’t think of anything other than the most typical of ABC plots?

A (main plot) = Conan is searching for Dirty Drew and his brother (can’t recall his name)

B (character arc) = Conan is jaded, more cynical

C (a couple pages of what will become the A plot in the next issue) = Oooh, powerful assassain chick who is being controlled by a plot device! Maybe she’ll fall in love with Conan, maybe this is Ultimate Red Sonja, maybe Conan will get beaten by a chick and learn humility and treat Belit better when he finally meets her, maybe, maybe, bleagh.

Fucking crap. If this keeps up, I’m done.

If you’re not reading We 3, you fantasti-suck. Imagine Disney’s The Incredible Journey starring a cat, a dog and a bunny that are government-constructed cyborg killing machines who talk like Bizarro Superman. Written by Grant Morrison.

I knew they’d answer the logical questions in Amazing Spider-Man. Stracynzski’s good with that kind of detail. Any ideas on who the father might be?

Catwoman: letting Stephanie into the Batcave was the worst mistake Bruce made since he let Azrael into the Batcave. Way to go, girl, you killed more people than your father ever did.

Batman: Good issue, great ending. Every TV station in town finally gets footage of the Batman and company in action, saving hundreds of lives, and they immediately decide, “Hey! Batman killed that girl!” I guess being a scary urban legend has it’s PR drawbacks. Fun to see all them there Batfolks working together, including Tim.

Astonishing X-Men: I guess if he’s back, he and Kitty can date agin. It’ll be less creepy now that they’re no longer aged 19 and 13.

Ultimate FF: Funny stuff. I’ve never read any other FF stuff (except in Twisted Toyfare Theater :smiley: ) so I can’t compare it to regular canon. I don’t care much either way about Doom so far, but I think if you join the tent city of the crazy metal mask-wearing guy who gives out cyber tattoos, you deserve what you get. “I think I broke the fantasti-can.”

Batman question: No one really knew if he existed? WTF? Is this some retconned plot, or what’s the deal with no one really knowing he exists?

Er… at some point post-Crisis, the Batman editorial staff decided that, except for the superhero community, James Gordon, and select others, the general populace regarded Batman as an urban myth. Consequently, they said, he had never joined the JLA up to that point.

Which is dumb, because a year after the Crisis, he joined the JL again, and yet, years later, they’re doing the urban myth crap.

Finally someone at DC said “Yes, he was in the Justice League before the Crisis.”

But the urban myth thing still crops up.

That would have been me. I kind of thought that her having an advance copy of he guest list at the little All-Gotham Crime Gang Peace Party was a dead giveaway. I was kind of surprised it was revealed this early in the storyline, though. I figured she would keep it under her hood and Batman would find her out sometime during Act III. I was a bit freaked out by the ending of Batman, though, the media just assuming that Batman was responsible for Darla’s being shot. I mean, did no one hear the shot that was fired toward the end of last weeks Robin/Batgirl?

Just as an aside- does Stephanie even know that Batman is Bruce Wayne? 'Cause in anything I’ve ever seen involiving Batman and Spoiler/Stephanie Robin, he is never uncowled. I don’t think he ever really fully trusted her, and now she’s gone and proven that she is not worthy of his trust.

What really amazes me is that six different writers writing eight different titles are able to put together a cohesive storyline. This is just too cool.

Conan #7 - Well, I liked it. Not much happened, but it was a set-up issue.

Batman #631 - Batman and Birds of Prey are my only two inlets to the War Games storyline, so I’ll be missing large chunks of it. I just thank god they finally switched artists on this.

Powerless #3 - This is a really intriguing series - I definitely will stay to see where it goes.

Transformers #7 - Was Sunstreak always this much of a jackass?

The Witching #3 - Hey! Something happened! Holy crap!

DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America #1 - First story’s kinda sappy. But okay. (I didn’t know Ray Palmer was half-Jewish!) - the second story’s pretty good, but I’d like it better if it fit in continuity. But it depicts Wodner Woman in the JLA pre-Crisis. Dammit.
Green Lantern #180** - Yeah, retreading old ground here. I liked the issue until right up near the end.

JLA #104 - An interesting Chuck Austen story? Wow. Okay, J’onn leaving the League meeting like a petulant child - bad characterization. Plus, he should be over this crap already. But the payoff was good. Well, except Austen forgot that the Manhunter emphatically does have a sense of humor - gleaned by osmosis, no doubt, from Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. But he does have one. Okay, yeah, so except for Austen ignoring everything established about the Manhunter since, ever, it was good.

Superman #208 - Okay, now things are taking shape. I love the way Jim Lee draws the JLA. Why’s Aquaman there on the satellite? Where’s his water hand? I thought he’d been deposed? Sigh.

Richard Dragon #4 - Buy this title.

Flash #213 - Geoff Johns. You know he does good stuff, so I don’t need to repeat myself.

No, Stephanie doesn’t know Batman’s identity. She knows Tim’s though, because Bruce decided to tell her. Tim was pissed, and yet he didn’t do what I probably would’ve done.

[cbawlmer as Robin] (points) He’s Bruce Wayne! Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce Waaaaaaaayne!!!"[/cbawlmer as Robin]

Tim’s a bigger man than me, which is fine, since I’m a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t seen it yet, but when was Sunstreaker not a dipstick? :wink:

I picked up Sleeper #3, and to complete my entire run, American Century #17. I’ve been putting off reading issues #18-27 (the last one), but now I can do those in one sitting.

Favor: Can someone spoil X-Statix #26 for me? I have a feeling I know how the series ends, but I want to know for sure. I dropped the title with #12, right before the “Princess Di” fiasco, but I still have a great fondness for Mike Allred’s art and a lot of those characters.

Also, is the big reveal in Green Lantern #180 as ridiculous as I’ve heard? Again, feel free to spoil away, I wasn’t gonna buy it anyway.