Weekly Divertsity Trivia

We get this every week at work. Usually the questions are supposed to get us in the mood to learn about opressed minority groups. Past questions have been “who the first woman aviator” and “who was the first black female judge in the US”. But this one I don’t get:

How is this a diversity question? Or do you think they’re actually trying to get people to answer with “racism”?

Well, the answer is actually melophobia. FWIW.

I’d bet there was some term developed through the black power movement like “Afrophobia” or something like that to describe fear of black people.

I wonder if it’s mentioned on the public enemy album “fear of a black planet”

Just out of curiousty where do you work?

On Fridays do you get to watch movies? If that’s the case, I’d recommend this movie.