Weekly Nielsen Ratings - all shows

Does anybody know where to find on the net the full weekly ratings for all prime time shows?

It’s easy to find the top 20, but even the Nielsen site itself doesn’t give any more than that. I’m looking for all 130 or so shows on the six networks.

I’m guessing that’s information you have to pay for.

No, but we were a Nielsen Family a couple of months ago.

Only family I ever met that ever was one.

Interesting. One of our 4 tvs (kitchen) was never on for the survey week. A second one (bedroom) was on for about 2 hours-mostly Leno monologues, The other two (side-by-side in living room were most watched.

Had to record on a diary notebook (for each tv) each person’s viewings in 15-minute increments. Fun, fun.

I believe USA Today has one in their Life section every Thursday (or something). Not totally positive, but I did see it a few weeks ago.