Where can I get a complete list of TV ratings?

Is there a website where I can find the ratings for every TV show? Not just the top 20, but the complete list.

I tried to find the very same thing a while back, but from what I could gather, you can’t find it for free; you have to pay Nielsen for it.

That’s the kind of information that’s worth money to people with very deep pockets (advertisers) so, like any company that enjoys staying in business, they milk it out of them.

Hopefully another poster can prove me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

You can find daily ratings for each night, and they usually list all the shows. So you could manually compile the list for the week.

A.C. Nielsen’s ratings are propietary. That is the detailed parts of it. The trade magazines will have summaries, but you’ll never find out everything. And it’s especially hard to find out cable ratings.


How about over in Cafe Society?




I found a TV ratings chart, but it’s only primetime and only for the 6 major networks. It’s a start, though.

TVWeek Ratings

SmackFu, where is the complete daily list you speak of?

I once saw every single show on TV along with its ratings in The Los Angeles Times (the newspaper, not the website), but I don’t know if that was a regular feature or not.

USA Today lists the complete primetime network ratings in their paper every week- the date of publication varies each week.

The Futon Critic is a great site which features daily primetime network ratings and network press releases touting their daily and weekly ratings.

I just mean listing all the network shows in primetime. I don’t have a secret list or anything.

There’s a big gap between top 20 of the week and all the shows on any channel at any time, which would probably be hundreds if not thousands of shows.