Weight Lifting Injury

I seem to have done something to my right arm. I get kind of a sharp pain when I move the arm in a certain way (for instance, if I try to do a lateral raise…)

The weird thing is, it seems to feel BETTER after working out. The first few reps are rough, then I’m fine. Then I go home, sleep, and it feels like crap in the morning again.

What sort of muscle injury feels better with use?

I’ve had this, big and I mean BIG mistake. You must give an injury time to heal. Don’t think you’re doing yourself any favour by doing this.

Big rule of thumb when you lift weights. If you have pain, that’s OK but within 30 minutes it should be gone. If you have to take an aspirin or other pain killer to get rid of the pain, you did something wrong and you need to re-examine your workout routine to not do it again.

I made the mistake of not letting my back heal, and it’s OK today but it’s never quite been the same.

Use cold compresses to help. Actually warm feels better but cold is better for it. You may want to alternate, cold and hot.

But don’t risk a big injury for a small problem. Just quit now for at least 5 days. Then try again. If it still hurts, you may want to consider seeing your doctor. You don’t need to quit working out, just work your lower body and run and do aerobics. You can always use a little more cardio.