Pain from working out question

I was actually at work and I worked so hard that my upper body is very sore now. I am so sore that I can barely move. I go back on Monday and I’m assuming this pain won’t be gone. Is there anything I can do to make it feel better and also is it safe to work when sore from something like this. I don’t think it’s anything that won’t go away in about 3 or 4 days either but I want to be ok for work on Monday.

Any info is welcome. I was actually trying to outwork a arrogant 22 year old and because of this, I became very sore when I woke up the next day.

Stretching is the first thing that comes to mind. I’m sure Google will find sites out there describing some good stretches for whatever muscles are sore.

Second, more exercise of the kind you did. Only very light, don’t push yourself at all. You’re just trying to get the muscles loose and circulation flowing in the sore muscles.

ETA: a soak in a hot tub wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

Look up treatments for lactic acidosis. A hot tub and massage may help you feel better but may not help with the lactic acidosis.

It just takes time. There aren’t even medications that will help with the discomfort, light massage and hot tub jets may help a little. It takes 2-3 days to recover, so you’ll be just starting to feel better to fine on Monday.

I was recently in the hospital for gallbladder removal. There were issues with getting me intubated - long story. In short I was given a very strong paralytic (most people don’t need) that works by making all the muscles so exhausted they stop working. By afternoon the day after surgery, I felt like I had been worked out by the most sadistic personal trainer known to man. I hurt from head to toe to the point it was more of an issue than my surgery. There was nothing they could give me that would help. I just had to live with it and it sucked. Trouble getting in and out of bed came from that more than my sore from surgery abdomen! First day was the worst, but took three total before I could say I felt fine.

There’s not much you can do. Hot tub, light stretching and Advil. But don’t expect miracles. On the plus side, yes it’s ok to work with the soreness. It’s a condition quite common to those who lift a lot.

Stretching improves flexibility, but there is little support for the popular notion that it reduces soreness by doing it before exercise, after exercise, or after the onset of soreness. In fact, stretching a muscle before it has warmed up can cause injury.

For muscles that are already sore, warming up with a very gentle version of the activity that caused the soreness can help relieve soreness. Warming up by exposure to warm temperatures (hot tub, sauna) may also bring temporary relief.

Ibuprofen also helps.

It is safe to resume work if you are still sore but make sure you are warmed up first, or you could injure a stiff muscle. Don’t do motions that create sudden loads, like picking up a heavy box by jerking it (good advice even if you’re not sore to begin with).

What muscles are sore?

I’m going to mention one thing you should be aware of - rhabdomyolysis. Don’t get all freaked out, but depending on how hard you pushed, it is a possibility.

If your muscles hurt when you are not moving, or your urine turns dark, please go get checked at the doctor’s.

Otherwise, you can stretch and do light cardio. It takes time. You will be more sore after sitting for a while. If it’s upper body, I would suggest a swim. Don’t try to outdo a 22 year old. :slight_smile:

I’m confused as to what caused the pain. The title says from working out, but the body of the post states merely working, as in doing heavy manual labor.

Assuming it is from working out, I want to comment on a couple prior posts and then add something. Agree that stretching will not help and may make it worse. Lactic acid is not the cause of your pain. While you are working out, and if you are doing it properly (fast on eccentric but slow on concentric), you will feel a burning sensation in the muscle being worked. Lactic acid is the primary cause of that burn, and it is a good burn. Lactic acid can be used for fuel. By “fast” I mean 2 seconds, and by “slow” I mean 4 seconds. Also pause at the end of the eccentric but not the concentric.

The pain after you work out is called DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. This is caused by torn muscle fibers. The body will repair the fibers and they will get stronger. The conventional wisdom is not to work out using those muscles until the pain disappears. Doing so may actually slow down the strengthening process.

Thanks, yeah I actually do feel alot better. I’m still somewhat sore but not nearly as bad as I was a few days ago. Yeah again it wasn’t from working out, it was from over working at work. It did seem like a workout though. I kinda like the job though because I have already lost 9 pounds since I started.

I was going to say, I’ve only experienced total, whole-body burnout soreness a handful of times in my life and every time it was due to playing sports after a long layoff. Limb soreness I can deal with. The worst is ab soreness which makes it a hassle to laugh, or even breathe.

All of these are good, in my experience.

First off, what kind of work do you do? Is this a requirement of your job? Whatever it is whether it’s occupational or just plain recreaction you should do plenty of stretching not only before working out, but between reps with a little rest in between. Your body will heal itself over the weekend with some rest and you will come back even stronger than before!

Well well well. So, what would happen if someone were given doses of this drug injected into their major skeletal muscles, plus doses of some anabolic steroids and some kind of high protein supplement.

Would they gain muscle tissue like crazy?

Sure, it sounds incredibly unsafe and painful, but would it work?