Weight Loss Competition - How should we go about this?

While visiting home and fattening up during the holidays, it occurred to my parents and I that we could all stand to get into better shape. And what better way to motivate us, we thought, than through a weight loss competition! Now I’m wondering how to go about setting this up…I thought starting a bi-weekly pool with everyone putting in $10, for a total of $30, with the person who wins taking home $20, and 2nd place earning back what they put in. 3rd place is out of luck.

But there’s a few things I’m wondering…one, should we base it on amount of weight lost, the percentage of pounds they lost to total body mass, or by some other metric? Also, how should we control for age/sex (being as they’re both considerably older than I am)?

Has anyone tried something like this before? I’m open to any suggestions you have!

I would have to vote for doing percentages, as that’s the only way to be close to fair when it’s between men & women.

Also, I think this would be a great idea to do on this board, but I have no idea how the logistics would work. :slight_smile:

I was disappointed when I saw that you were not starting one for Dopers.

Anyway, I did one at work a few years back. It was based solely on percentage of pounds lost, with a set time frame established (I think it was ten weeks). Everyone must pay in advance, and we had a first place (70% of the cash), second (20%) and third (10%).

I ran the thing and I came in first. :dubious:

I have a STRONG distaste for weight loss competitions based on results. There are so many variables in weight loss that are largely out of one’s control that to compare results with
other people is basically dooming a person to frustration.

Compete on behaviors. Most days eating on plan (figure out what “on plan” means). Most days of going to the gym, or miles walked, or whatever. Compete on the stuff people can actually control.