Big Fat Loser 10/19/04

So - did anyone happen to catch this new series on NBC? The premise being there are a group of people who need to drop some pounds. They are brought into this house (not sure for how many weeks) and compete to see who gets voted off? So, like many of the reality shows of today, the theme is common.

These people have trainers come in and they are each on two different plans. One is the eat less plan, one the eat more plan.

What did you think of it?

I saw it.
I was really amazed at how much they lost in a period of 1 week.
I’ve been excercising and dieting for 10 weeks now and lost 15 pounds and here these people do it in one week???

I believe they are there for 12 weeks. I would agree that they voted off the right person. She wasn’t huge like some of the others and is more likely to plateu her weight loss faster than others.
400+ guy can consistantly lose 10-15 pounds a week and still wind up around 230. Some of the people only need to lose 50-60 lbs. to get back to normal. What are they going to do after they lose it in the first 6 weeks?

I was watching the Broadway documentary on PBS, so i missed it. But the premise is interesting so I’ll try to catch it mextr week.

I’m curious to know if they are all on the same diet/ exercise regimen.

There are two different teams. One eats less than usual, the other eats more, but very low calorie foods. They all seemed to be working out like demons.

I could not friggin’ believe a 22 pound weight loss in a week. I think the most I ever lost in a week was 3 pounds. Maybe I will do what they’re doing, after the baby’s born. Gotta lotta baby fat to lose!

It’s mostly water weight (with some fat) that was lost. The subsequent weeks losses won’t be as dramatic.

Also, the heavier people will lose more weight (pounds, not percentage), so I also think they sent the right person home last night. If everyone loses, say, 1% a week, a 1% loss for someone who’s 175 pounds will not help their team win, like a 1% loss for someone who’s 300 or 400 pounds.

I think it’s great that she lost another 15 after leaving the show. She looked great. I hope they do that for everyone that has to leave the show.

I was disappointed that contestants will be voted off. Seems like it’d be more interesting to see them all go through the entire 12 weeks. I’d like to watch all of them cope with each other and the new regimen.

That said, Mo struck me as someone who was proud of his size. That’s going to be a hard mindset to change.

It seems to me they should have done it based on percentage lost rather than net weight.

Or had the trainers set weight loss goals for the individual trainers and then competed on percentage of that goal achieved.

But I only saw the last 20 minutes, so maybe that was all explained in the beginning.

I don’t think I’ll watch again because for me it crossed over a line of exploitation that made me uncomfortable. I don’t generally have a problem with choosing to put themselves in embarrassing situations for the entertainment of the masses but this seems to carry more serious potential for psychic damage.

These people are playing a game, but they’re also being sold an opportunity at a fundamental life change and then being told to get lost because the guy who weight 150 pounds more had more water weight to lose.

I totally agree. One of the male contestants said that it should be clear cut that whoever loses the least amount of weight should be cut. But that isn’t fair. Not only should it be based on percentage loss, but also the effort exerted and male vs. female rates of weight loss should be taken into consideration (to some extent, at least).

I was surprised to learn they were voting off members. Much better a full 12 week challenge to have them all have to stay. And maybe have the weak ‘vote themselves off.’ In reality, they are voting off members, and I believe they made the right choice. She certainly looked amazing in her after photo! I’m glad she kept up the plan.

And I can’t believe the amount of weight some of them lost in that first week. My first week on WW I lost 8 pounds. BUT - it was mostly water weight and instantly slowed down. I’m very curious to see what the scaled will show next week.

One of the contestants mentioned that they are working out five hours a day. That would explain the huge weight loss in a first week. Since burning calories is really based on your heart rate, and they obviously haven’t been exercising much, even walking for five hours would let them lose a bunch of weight.

A contestant also freaked out and said that she only ate 750 calories or so in a day, and was concerned that they weren’t getting much guidance on the food aspect of things. That seems downright dangerous. On WW, the minimum you are allowed to eat is 1,000 calories a day, and people have even told me that’s dangerous. Somebody of this woman’s size should have been eating a great deal more than that, especially with the exercise. Her body will go into starvation mode and wind up doing a lot of damage.

Isn’t it dangerous to lose so much weight so fast? Hard on the heart?

I haven’t watched this new show, but I did see a good bit of Dr. Phil’s show when did the same thing (my mom was all into it) and that seemed like a much healthier concept. There were teams and one winner, but they didn’t really vote people off, I don’t think, and the opportunity seemed really to be given to all.

I just stopped by to say this: the trainers are hot.

Big deal. I lost 20 lbs in 3 days after I had my baby.

Actually, I was impressed by their loss too but I’m sure most of them won’t ba able to keep up that pace. They’ll plateau after a few weeks, especially those who only need to lose 30 or so pounds.

I wonder if they’ll change to using percentages too, especially if one team loses a few people and the other loses none, the remaining people will have to lose huge individual amounts to keep up.

Who will be the first to raid their temptation fridge?

I’m thinking that Maurice may raid his fridge first. He was very quick to scoop up some bacon for breakfast. BUT - he did seem to be upset that he lose as much as he would have liked to in the first week. That he felt like he was letting down his team or something like that. So maybe he’ll be ‘good.’

In one of the commercials, there was a guy eating a cupcake. It wasn’t Maurice, but I saw it before the show started, so I don’t really recall who it was.

I have actually met one of the contestants (Matt). He comes to our local gay bar occasionally. He was chatting about how the camera crew followed him to a drag bar in L.A., so I think he may be around for awhile. :slight_smile: . He has lost a good bit of weight but is still a big guy. :slight_smile: On a personal note, I am doing a lower fat version of the Atkins plan, and have lost about 100# since the end of April. I think the folks eating the low fat, more food diet will do much better than the other group. They need the energy for the workouts, and the other activities.